Chapter 225 - She Is the Woman I Want

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Chapter 225: She Is the Woman I Want

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Mrs. Yue rolled her eyes at Yan Qingsi and said, “You’re full of crap. You don’t think I know my son? He’s just playing around with you. You’re nothing after he gets bored with you. My advice for you; get whatever money you want from him, and run away while you still can. Once you start to get on his nerves, there’s no telling what he will do to you… He’s not that kind of nice guy, you know. You…:”

Mrs. Yue babbled on but turned around to find Yan Qingsi already fast asleep.

Pouting, she turned away and went to sleep.

After Mrs. Yue fell asleep, Yan Qingsi opened her eyes. This room gave her a sense of warmth. There was not a hint of luxurious feel the wealthy always seem to go for. It was obvious that the room was designed with comfort in mind.

However, in this warm, comfortable bed, Yan Qingsi had insomnia instead.

The next day, Mrs. Yue woke up to an empty bed. Thinking Yan Qingsi had sneaked off to Yue Tingfeng’s room in the middle of the night, she rammed on his door furiously until he opened it, only to realize that she was not there either.

It was only then that mother and son realized the little vixen had sneaked off on her own.

With a foul mood, Yue Tingfeng made his way downstairs. Aunt Wu rushed over to Mrs. Yue and said, “Madam, Miss Yan asked me to inform you that she has borrowed one of your dresses.”

Mrs. Yue was stunned for a second. “Who allowed her to wear my dress without my permission? What else did she say?”

Aunt Wu fidgeted awkwardly, and continued, “She… she also said…’I had a miscarriage because of your son, wearing one of your dress won’t be asking too much, would it?’”

That left Mrs. Yue speechless.

Yes, not asking for too much indeed.

Mrs. Yue was perplexed, the little vixen left just like that. She did not expect to be rid of her that easily.

Aunt Wu sneaked a peek at Yue Tingfeng’s fuming expression, and continued slowly, “She also said… thank you… for letting her take advantage of your son.”

That expression on both mother and son’s faces was beyond words.

“I… I’ll be going to make breakfast then.” Mrs. Yue slipped quietly into the kitchen.

Yue Tingfeng decided to head out, but the telephone suddenly rang. Aunt Wu hurried over to pick it up, and called out to Yue Tingfeng, “Young master, it’s Mr. Yue.”

Yue Tingfeng’s already incensed mood only got worse.


“Hello Tingfeng, come over to Country M when you’re free and take over for a bit. I’m tired, I want to rest.”

Yue Tingfeng sniggered. “There’s no need for that. Weren’t you working hard to make a baby brother for me? Keep up the good work, and leave it for him next time. I still have work to do, so that’s all I’m going to say. Next time just call my cell phone directly and don’t call home. Mum won’t be happy.”

Yue Tingfeng hung up without waiting for a reply.

“Next time there’s a call, you get it first. If I’m not around, just hang up immediately,” Yue Tingfeng instructed Aunt Wu.

“Yes, Young Master.”

Yue Tingfeng picked up his car keys and headed out, bumping into Mrs. Yue coming out from the kitchen. “Hold on son, eat something before you go.”

“I’m not eating, Mum. I’m heading out now.”

Mrs. Yue harrumphed. “What’s the rush? You must be heading out to look for that little slut again. How many times do I have to tell you? Don’t get yourself involved with her. Why won’t you listen?”

Yue Tingfeng massaged his temple in irritation but still tried to use a positive expression to talk to his mum in earnest. “Mum, I’m a grown man and I know what type of women I want. I’m confident I can get her. You can’t stop me, so why get yourself worked up over it again and again? Anyway, she’s not who you think she is. She’s a good lady. You just don’t know it yet.”

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