Chapter 226 - Did You Miss Me?

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Chapter 226: Did You Miss Me?

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“I don’t care. I don’t think she’s any good,” Mrs. Yue replied defiantly.

Yue Tingfeng touched Mrs. Yue’s forehead. “It’s okay, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know her. Look at you, an old lady but acting up like a child. Don’t see things so superficially, Mum. Yan Ruke treats you so very well, but he’s already stabbing you behind your back. Did you know that?”

Mrs. Yue was unhappy she was given a dressing-down like a kid by her own son. Slapping away Yue Tingfeng’s hand, she said, “Alright alright, suit yourself. I have a low IQ anyway, so why does it matter?”

Yue Tingfeng sighed. His mother’s IQ will always be like that.

“Oh, you made me so angry I almost forgot, Fangnian’s sister’s coming-of-age ceremony is this weekend. You better not forget about that. They’ve informed us so many times it’d be embarrassing if we didn’t go.”

Yue Tingfeng almost forgot about that whole thing. His eyes squinted and he seemed to be lost deep in thought.

After a while, he came back to his senses and curtly replied, “Sure, of course I’ll go.”

“What are you up to again?” Mrs. Yue shot him a quizzical look.

Nobody knows Yue Tingfeng better than Mrs. Yue; after all, she raised him. She knows when her boy is up to something.

Yue Tingfeng smiled. “Oh, it’s nothing. I’ll be leaving then.”

Yan Qingsi was back on set early in the morning. She was laser-focused on her job. No matter how much of her new gossip was circulating on the Internet, she would always shoot her scenes on time and update her blog on time. It gave her a sense of stability.

Ye Lingzhi was a celebrity now. Somebody uploaded clips of her brutality onto the Web.

The initial story was that Ye Lingzhi beat up the mistress, causing the mistress to suffer a miscarriage. Yan Songnan, standing up for his mistress, slapped his wife in public.

There were mainly two camps of netizens. One who supported Ye Lingzhi—thinking that the mistress deserved it—and the other half empathized with poor Tang Yuyao and hated the wretched man who started all this. Their news was gaining traction with every passing day.

However, in just a day, the story evolved again.

A well-respected news portal reported that Tang Yuyao was, in fact, not Yan Songnan’s mistress. Both Tang Yuyao and her boyfriend were employees at the Yan Company. Her boyfriend had passed away in a motor vehicle accident a month ago. Taking pity on her as an employer, Yan Songnan gave extra care to his pregnant employee. This incurred the wrath of his jealous wife, causing her to beat the poor girl up to the point of miscarriage. The boyfriend was the only son in the family, so Ye Lingzhi practically ended his entire bloodline.

This new version of the story was astonishing. All the haters who cursed Tang Yuyao before now flocked to ask for her forgiveness. On the other hand, people started to aim their guns at the cold-blooded killer Ye Lingzhi, along with all her ancestors.

Netizens all started to tag the local police on Weibo, demanding that they apprehend the killer. Some even went as far as accusing her of attempted murder, as the clip clearly showed Tang Yuyao begging for mercy on behalf of her unborn baby. Ye Lingzhi instead chose to beat her up even harder. This cold-bloodedness made many a person shudder, inciting unprecedented furor on the Web.

The police force came out to make a statement that they will open an investigation into the case after mounting pressure from the public forced them to act.

Yan Qingsi was very surprised. This unexpected turn of event was actually extremely beneficial to her, but who did this? It was not easy to turn a massive tide of online discussions and opinions in a matter of days. It was even harder to fake anidentity for Tang Yuyao’s boyfriend. Somebody must be behind all this.

Yan Qingsi’s first thought was Yue Tingfeng. Fishing out her cell phone, she hesitated for a very long time before making the call.

Yue Tingfeng picked up the phone immediately, his irritating voice booming from the other side of the line. “So you finally called. Did you miss me?”


Rich man Yue: See how good I am to you, you’re welcome to fall in love with me!

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