Chapter 227 - I Seriously Want to Bed You

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Chapter 227: I Seriously Want to Bed You

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Hearing Yue Tingfeng’s voice, all of Yan Qingsi’s hesitance dissipated at once.

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes. “Come on, be serious. Was that fracas on the Web your doing?”

“What fracas? Please, I treat everything seriously when it comes to you.” He seriously wanted to bed her, and he seriously wanted to flirt with her. Yue Tingfeng felt that he was always serious when he was with her.

Leaving behind a whole room of people with a phone in his ear and a smile on his face, his shareholders were left bewildered. Was it a game of changing faces? A minute ago his mood was so bad it felt like he wanted to throw every last one of them out the window.

It only took a phone call from god-knows-who to change his mood completely. His smile was even brighter the flowers blooming outside their office. His face changing skill tops even the best of the Beijing Face-Changing Opera.

Qu Jing was curious and his gaze followed Yue Tingfeng out the door.

Nudging Jiang Lai, Qu Jing asked, “Hey, was that the…”

Jiang Lai rolled his eyes at him. “You think?”

Qu Jing stroked his chin, musing out loud, “Do you think she’s any good? I read the rumors online. None of it was positive. Just yesterday, there was a new rumor floating around that she had an affair with her junior colleague. Some people saw them entering a hotel together.

Jiang Lai turned around and gave Qu Jing a stern look. “General Manager Qu, don’t say I didn’t warn you; if you don’t keep your mouth shut, you’re gonna get into trouble real soon.”

“I only told you about it…” Qu Jing stammered, faking a cough.

“But I can always report to the boss!” Jiang Lai said, giving him a sly smile. “Also, I was there that night; Miss Qingsi and her junior colleague were attending the company dinner together. Our company has quickly released a statement to quell the rumor. Well, it was so obvious from their attire that they were attending an event. How did people cook up an affair? Or even a rumor? If the boss finds out about this, you’re a dead man.”

Yan Qingsi and Leng Ran were heading to the Luo Company dinner together, but the paparazzi followed her to the hotel and took pictures of them entering the hotel together. That was enough for them to start a new rumor that she was having an affair with Leng Ran. Though other than cyber troopers, basically nobody else actually believed those rumors.

The photos clearly showed the two of them in formal attire attending an official event. Having a secret romp? Which retard was stupid enough to do it wearing all that?

“Hey, I’m just saying, man. Don’t you go rat me out alright?” Qu Jing awkwardly tried to defuse the situation.

Yue Tingfeng’s mood had never been better. This was the first time Yan Qingsi personally called him.

‘Has the little vixen started to notice how good of a man I am?’ he wondered.

Yan Qingsi sighed. “Don’t play games with me now, I’m talking about that incident with Tang Yuyao. She lost her mistress tag overnight. Don’t tell me it’s not your doing.”

That kind of tactic reeked of Yue Tingfeng’s style. Besides, she could not think of anyone else who would help her out like that.

Yan Qingsi surprised herself that after all that has happened, the first person she thought about was Yue Tingfeng. That meant she has started to trust Yue Tingfeng to a certain extent.

Yue Tingfeng thought she was upset with him so he asked, “Yes it was me, are you upset I did that? Clearing Tang Yuyao’s name, getting a harsher sentence for Ye Lingzhi and getting the public to empathize with Tang Yuyao so that she wouldn’t be shunned by the public after all this drama. Wasn’t that what you wanted?”

Yan Qingsi did not deny it, saying, “Yes, Yue Tingfeng. No, it should be Yan Tingfeng. Listen, I wanted to thank you.”

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