Chapter 228 - Let Me Do the Work, You Just Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

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Chapter 228: Let Me Do the Work, You Just Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

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It was not that Yan Qingsi did not want to protect Tang Yuyao, it was just that Yan Qingsi did not have enough influence to protect her. Seeing Tang Yuyao get dragged in the mud like that while she remained helpless on the sidelines. She got her into this mess, but she could not get her out of it.

With Yue Tingfeng’s help, Yan Qingsi could finally heave a sigh of relief. At the very least, she was able to give Tang Yuyao a proper escape from this mess.

Yan Qingsi’s gratitude was heartfelt at that time. It was not sarcasm and it was not a joke. It was real.

Yue Tingfeng was the first person who was willing to reach out and lend a helping hand. Even if they went their separate ways in the future, it was a favor she would never forget.

It was Yue Tingfeng instead who was shocked this time. So shocked that he did not even notice his new name, Yan Tingfeng. “Uhh… Well… You’re welcome. Just take it as a welcome gift for joining the Yue Company. You’re my employee after all, and I can’t let my employees be bullied like that, can I?”

Yan Qingsi smirked. “Well, I’m going to hang up now. Got a movie to shoot.”

“Hold on…”

“Yes? Is there anything else?”

“Of course there is. Are you free tonight?”

“I’m not free to sleep with you.” Yan Qingsi shot back without a second thought.

Yue Tingfeng’s face turned glum. “What do you take me for? Do you think I always have sex on my mind?”

That made Yan Qingsi laugh out loud. Clearing her throat, she said, “That night, your mum asked me to get whatever money I want from you while I still can, because once you get bored with me, you’ll use your bag of dirty tricks to get rid of me. You’re not much of a good man after all, she said.”

That shut Yue Tingfeng up. What else could he say, his mum had practically dug a hole for him to jump in.

Gritting his teeth, he hissed, “By golly, you guys still managed to talk about such a deep subject that night?”

He initially thought it was a good idea for Yan Qingsi to share a room with his mother. It would give them a chance to get to know each other. What happened instead was the two of them bad-mouthing him together.

If he knew earlier, he would never have let Yan Qingsi sleep with his mother. All he wanted to say was, ‘Mum, you really did one hell of a job bad-mouthing your son.’

Yan Qingsi could vividly imagine what Yue Tingfeng’s expression was like and said, “Yes it was a deep subject indeed.”

“Enough of your nonsense,” Yue Tingfeng growled. “Tell me, do you want to see Tang Yuyao? Yes or no?”

Yan Qingsi was stunned for a second but blurted immediately, “Yes!”

“So are you coming out with me tonight?”


“That’s more like it. Say you miss me.”

Beep, beep, beep. The line went dead.

“What’s the big deal if I think of bedding you all day? Who are you to say otherwise?” Yue Tingfeng mumbled into the already-dead line without putting his phone down.

After shooting ended at night, Yan Qingsi dressed up and headed out alone, asking Xiao Xu not to follow her. However, she bumped into Miss Mai at the door.

“Where’re you going all dolled up?” Miss Mai asked, glancing curiously at her fancy appearance.

“Going out for a bonding session with your boss,” Yan Qingsi replied nonchalantly.

Miss Mai chuckled. “Well, don’t you worry about the time, I will handle your leave application with Director Cai here. Tame Yue Tingfeng and you will tame every obstacle standing between you and the pinnacle of success.”

Yan Qingsi left Miss Mai to her fantasies and walked out to see Yue Tingfeng’s car parked just outside her door. Stepping into the car, her bottom had barely touched the seat when her head was hugged from the side, and her lips were stuffed with another pair of lips.

Yan Qingsi was caught by surprise but regained her composure soon enough. Pushing out with all her might, she quickly pinned Yue Tingfeng to the car door.

Caressing Yue Tingfeng’s chin, Yan Qingsi teased, “Let me do the work, you just sit back and enjoy the ride.”


Rich man Yue: Is there any use for my skills here anymore? Are my dreams actually coming true? Give me some hope downstairs!

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