Chapter 24 - I Remember That Scent! 5

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Chapter 24: I Remember That Scent! 5

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Yue Tingfeng remained indifferent throughout the entire ordeal.

Yan Qingsi tossed her bag to one side, took off her jacket, and slapped her hand on Yue Tingfeng’s chest. The last action scared everyone witless. Though Jiang Lai was far off at the door, he covered his eyes and turned around immediately, while Wu Fang found the whole thing intriguing and continued peering in.

Jiang Lai pulled him. “Manager Wu, I advise you to turn around!”

Wu Fang asked, “Why shouldn’t I continue watching? This woman’s creating a disturbance! Shouldn’t we call security?”

“You know how CEO Yue is. If he didn’t consent to it, Miss Qingsi would’ve been kicked out long before she even stepped foot into the meeting room!”

All of a sudden, Wu Fang’s eyes widened. “F*CK! She’s vicious!!!”

Yan Qingsi’s hands were still touching Yue Tingfeng by the chin, forcing him to look directly at her. Meanwhile, her other hand reached behind, grabbing the zipper of her dress and undoing it.

Yue Tingfeng flung his pen onto the table and ordered coldly, “The meeting’s over…everyone get out.”

It took less than five seconds for the meeting room to be deserted, with nothing left behind.

“Why not keep pretending then, if you have what it takes?” Yan Qingsi asked.

“Can’t you be more modest?”


He pushed her hand away. “Why are you here?”

She backed off a couple of steps. “Last night, you promised me the lead role for ‘The Scent of Her’. Don’t play stupid.”

Leaning back lazily on the chair, he brushed a finger against his lower lip and narrowed his eyes. “What lead role? What last night? Why don’t I remember anything?”

Yue Tingfeng’s words made Yan Qingsi feel like she was bitten by a dog the night before.

She laughed in irritation. “Yue Tingfeng, why haven’t I ever noticed that you were this shameless?”

“You slept with this b*tch last night, but when morning came you put on your pants and just sneaked off. You even took my phone with you. Are you a man or not, Yue Tingfeng? I suppose you’re so poor that you just went bonkers?”

Yue Tingfeng glanced at the little marks on her neck and coldly said, “Is that so? You’re sure the man you slept with was me?”

A pang of hurt stabbed her heart, followed by an onset of despondent feelings that came without warning.

It was true that many people called her unrestrained and wanton.

Bedding her was not difficult as long as one were from the opposite sex.

Even though she scarcely took to heart the things that everyone else said about her, it was unpleasant to hear those remarks coming from Yue Tingfeng’s mouth.

Yan Qingsi’s expression turned vacuous.

Her immediate thought was to reclaim whatever that remained of her dignity in front of that man.

She bent down and picked up her bag, fishing through it for her purse and taking out a small coin. She then threw it onto Yue Tingfeng’s face.

Yan Qingsi lifted her head high and allowed herself to be enclosed in a virtual shell—nothing could bring her down now.

She nodded and smiled. “You’re right, I must have made a mistake. I do have a lot of men after all, so it isn’t surprising. I’m sorry, Mr. Yue, I mistook you for the b*stard last night. This is to compensate for wasting your precious time.”

Yan Qingsi grabbed her bag and left without even taking her jacket.

Her long hair trailed behind her as she took large strides forward. She put on her glasses and looked as magnificent as ever, without even the slightest indication of what a sorry figure she actually was.

Jiang Lai opened the meeting room door in advance, and Yan Qingsi left without looking back.

Wu Fang shouted from behind her, “Hey beautiful, let’s get a drink when you’re free.”

Her footsteps halted and she turned to flash a devilish grin at him. “I’ll only meet with men in the bedroom.”

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