Chapter 251 - Yan Qingsi, I Fancy You, So What Now?

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Chapter 251: Yan Qingsi, I Fancy You, So What Now?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The door closed. At that exact moment, the passion in the room seemed to cool off and die instantly. The change was as though one had crossed into the frigid wastes of the South Pole from the heat and humidity of the Equator in an instant.

The way things had developed was dramatic as usual, more than one could expect. Having desired something so much and exhausting every means to acquire it only to lose it all at the cusp of success.

No, that would be incorrect. He had never acquired this woman called Yan Qingsi. Even this current dilemma was not of his making but invited upon him by someone else.

Yue Tingfeng thought he would be so very angry, but… he was not. Instead, he laughed. He laughed at himself for being his mother’s son. Naivety was hereditary, it seemed.

For example, this woman Yan Qingsi. How would she so easily be willing to compromise? Having met Helan Fangnian and still giving him such an advantage, it was as though a pie had suddenly fallen from the sky and knocked him silly making him forget her character.

Yue Tingfeng lay alone on the bed, his throat feeling as though there was a thorn stuck within. Unable to spit it out nor swallow it. It just felt stuck there and it hurt so much!

Employer, employee… d*mn, have you ever seen an employer at his wits end over his employee? He was broke, he threw his friends under the bus and now, he had even lost his dignity by sleeping with her.

Yan Qingsi really… really… really had balls.

Yue Tingfeng laughed as he nodded, but the smile never reached his eyes, which were dark and cold.

Yue Tingfeng told himself that he was not angry, what was there to be angry about? However… God d*mn it, he had been used!

Yan Qingsi took her sunglasses out of her handbag and put them on before walking into the elevator, pressing the button labeled ‘1’. Just as the doors of the elevator were about to shut, a hand shot in between the gap.

Yan Qingsi looked up to see Jin Xuechu, wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night and looking like a fool. Just like her.

Yan Qingsi’s lip curled slightly into a smile. “Good evening.”

Jin Xuechu walked into the elevator. “Good evening.”

The doors of the elevator finally closed. Jin Xuechu leaned to one side of the elevator checking out Yan Qingsi. Noticing the hickey on her neck, he felt a surge of annoyance in his heart and could not help but to speak up. “And here I was thinking that I’d have to wait until daylight. Looks like the old boy’s nothing special. How about you give me a whirl?”

Yan Qingsi’s face was impassive, her mouth never stopped curling into a cold smile. “No thanks. I’m not interested in anything that comes out of your mouth.”

Jin Xuechu suddenly reached out with an arm and wrapped it around Yan Qingsi, holding her. “But I am. So what are we going to do about it?”

He asked the question bluntly while the corners of his lips twisted into a smirk.

Yan Qingsi could see Jin Xuechu’s handsome face through her sunglasses. “Then… you’ll just have to suck it up.”

“You don’t like me, but Young Master Yue suits your tastes?”

Yan Qingsi shook her head. “It’s not the same. He’s the heir of the Yue Family. If I manage to hook up with him, what would I lack? Whether or not I’m attracted to him or whether or not I’ll f*ck him are completely different things.”

Jin Xuechu reached up and took off Yan Qingsi’s sunglasses. “I could give you that too.”

Yan Qingsi similarly reached up and took off Jin Xuechu’s sunglasses, and looked at her reflection in his pupils. “But can you give me as much as he does?” she asked neutrally.

Jin Xuechu smiled as he let Yan Qingsi go. “I never thought that you were this kind of person.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I am.”

Jin Xuechu returned to his flippant self. “Why don’t you try both the big fish and the shrimp together?”

The elevator reached the ground floor, and Yan Qingsi threw him a reply. “Okay, when I get bored of eating the big fish and want a change of tastes, I’ll call you.”

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