Chapter 253 - If You Don’t Like Her, Why Do You Care?

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Chapter 253: If You Don’t Like Her, Why Do You Care?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Aunt Wu picked up the cell phone from the floor. “Why don’t you give Young Master a call and ask?”

“And… ask?”

“Yes… Miss Yan is still with the Young Master after all”

“That’s true.” Mrs. Yue reached out to her hand and Aunt Wu handed her the cell phone with a smile.

Mrs. Yue dialed in the number and called Yue Tingfeng.

He did not answer the call. Mrs. Yue frowned and tried again.

After trying four times, he finally picked up.

“Ma, I’m in a meeting…”

It was very clear that Yue Tingfeng had no intention of having a conversation. He was in a meeting and if there was anything to talk about it could wait till after the meeting. Mrs. Yue did not seem to catch the hint. “Oh, you have your meeting, I just want to ask you what’s going on with the scandal that is spreading between that little minx of yours and the singer. They were even photographed spending the night together. Wasn’t she with you last night? You already had her in your palms and you let someone else snatched her away?”

“Okay, I get it.” Yue Tingfeng’s voice was calm and collected but conveyed a trace of coldness.

Mrs. Yue had called her son out of concern but he did not want to entertain her even for a while. He should not react like this, her son was always a very possessive person, he would not let anyone take anything that was his.

“Son, are you listening?” Mrs. Yue asked.

“No, I’m in a meeting.”

Mrs. Yue stamped her foot in anger. “You… You, that little minx, in one night she was with two men, and you still have the mood to hold a meeting, you…”

Yue Tingfeng suddenly cut Mrs. Yue off. “Ma, don’t you dislike her? Why do you even care so much?”

Mrs. Yue paused before her lips formed a pout and she huffed. “This has nothing to do with liking her or not. If this gets out that my son is competing with another man over a girl and lost her to him, how embarrassing would that be? I don’t want to be laughed at by the people I play cards with.”

“So that’s what it is!”

“Son, are you okay?” Mrs. Yue asked.

“Ma, you can hang up now.”

After hanging up, Yue Tingfeng threw his phone and looked at the other people in the meeting room. “Continue,” he said.

Jiang Lai was quiet and he looked over to Qu Jing. He sat there, staring into blank space, his mind somewhere else entirely.

Yue Tingfeng coldly looked at all the senior management at the table. “I don’t care how much overtime you have to put in, or what methods you use, if I don’t get a deal that I’m happy with for this acquisition, your yearly bonuses are all canceled.”

Everyone at the table exhaled as they moaned internally. ‘Our annual bonuses, boss, don’t be so cruel!’

Jiang Lai followed Yue Tingfeng out nervously. He was obviously aware of the number one hot news out this morning, that would be Yan Qingsi spending the night with Jin Xuechu. Jiang Lai wanted to ask, but he needed the bravery to do so.

Jiang Lai lifted his head to ask. “Chairman Yue, why don’t… I send someone…”

Yue Tingfeng sat down. “Tell Yan Qingsi if she wants to clear the rumors, she should come over once more and sleep with me.”

Jiang Lai shuddered.

At that same time, Yan Qing was at a shoot, the rumors have caused the people around her to look at her in a different eye. She was just seen being intimate with Chairman Yue a few days ago and in a blink of an eye, she was with Jin Xuechu. At the speed of how things were going, was it not too soon? Was she cheating?

Taking advantage of the break, Miss Mai urgently pulled Yan Qingsi to a secluded spot. “What the hell happened last night? Didn’t you… Didn’t you say you slept with Young Master Yue? Why are you suddenly with Heavenly King Jin 1?”

Yan Qingsi took a sip of water. “After I slept with Yue Tingfeng, I met Jin Xuechu as I was leaving.”

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