Chapter 254 - Yan Qingsi, I’m Coming After You.

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Chapter 254: Yan Qingsi, I’m Coming After You.

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Miss Mai was not sure how to respond for a moment. “You… you… Should I say you’re lucky, or you’re f*cking lucky? You slept with Young Master Yue! Why did you still bother coming? Might as well stay till the morning!”

Whether it was Yue Tingfeng or Jin Xuechu, for other people to even want to meet them would be as difficult as flying. Yan Qingsi, however, having slept with one treasure, met another on the way out who also wanted to pluck her peach flower 1.

Yan Qingsi smiled as she thought about the previous night. “I dumped him before dawn.”

“You… Who did you dump? Can you be more precise?”

Yan Qingsi smiled. “I slept with Yue Tingfeng once and then dumped him. I said, in the future, we should just maintain an employer-employee relationship.”

Miss Mai reached out and poked Yan Qingsi hard on the forehead. “Do you want to die? I sold my office for a pittance just to let you get Yue Tingfeng. Have a bit of integrity!”

Yan Qingsi hugged Miss Mai. “It’s better that we rely on ourselves rather than on men. I’ll do my best for you. I’ll bring back the award for Best Actress.”

“You… You’re really going to make me so angry I’ll die.”

Xiao Xu came running over with Yan Qingsi’s cell phone. “Miss, Special Assistant Jiang is asking for you.”

Yan Qingsi hesitated for a moment before she answered the call. Jiang Lai spoke in euphemisms to convey Yue Tingfeng’s instructions to her.

Yan Qingsi replied casually. “Oh. Tell him these rumors have given me great publicity and I’m quite happy with it, so there’s no need to rebut them.”

Yan Qingsi hung up the phone and threw it to Xiao Xu. She had decided—she did not need a man. She could rely on herself to advance and develop.

Jiang Lai looked at the black screen of his cell phone, dumbfounded. How was he going to tell Chairman Yue that she had no interest in sleeping with him?

Jiang Lai very uncomfortably related Yan Qingsi’s words to Yue Tingfeng.

“Miss Qingsi said that she was quite happy with the current circumstances.”

Yue Tingfeng looked happy too and smiled. “Happy? Ah… okay. I’ll make her even happier.”

Now he had seen everything. Ah ah… She thought she could just hook up with him and then run. It was not going to be so simple.

Jin Xuechu was quite happy to see the rumors. He did not expect his selfie to have photographed Yan Qingsi as well. He pondered for a second. This was the first photo that they took together in private, and he even set it as his phone’s wallpaper.

Jin Xuechu’s manager was preparing to ride the wave of popularity and was rushing to prepare a statement. However, who would have thought that before the strategy was even ready, the meddling media had already leaked intimate photos of Jin Xuechu with someone else. To top it off, the resolution was even better than the photo with Yan Qingsi. There were photos of them embracing and kissing, and an announcement that Xue God’s official girlfriend had finally revealed herself. The prior rumors could be called a promotional period for the relationship!

Jin Xuechu’s fans were all lamenting; why could not it be Yan Qingsi. At least she was attractive.

Jin Xuechu was feeling elated up to the point that he saw the breaking news, and was speechless. The photos were from a really long time ago. Why did it only break now?

One did not need to think too hard to know who did it. ‘I’ve been played again by the heir of the Yue family! I’ve been so savagely attacked by him for no reason!’

Jin Xuechu called Yan Qingsi. “What now? I’ve been played by your prince again. He acted so sinisterly. How are you going to compensate me?”

Yan Qingsi was reading the breaking news about Jin Xuechu and was laughing. “He’s the one that played you, so go find him!”

“There’s no point in looking for him. Do you think he’s the type to be reasoned with? The best way to get back at him is to snatch you away from him. Today, I’m officially telling you, Yan Qingsi, I’m coming after you.”

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