Chapter 256 - You Really Don’t Fear Death Hitting on That Vixen

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Chapter 256: You Really Don’t Fear Death Hitting on That Vixen

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“My goodness, what have you done? You can’t go and get hooked up with Jin Xuechu, you know? You unilaterally kicked Young Master Yue away, but it is still very much unknown if he wanted to be kicked away. He is our boss, our contracts are still with him.”

“I won’t act foolishly, don’t worry.” She only talked to Yue Tingfeng about one thing, which is that they were only friends with benefits, there was no romance or feelings involved.

Miss Mai cut her off, “You won’t be foolish? If you were smart, you would have slept there until morning and got the fox in the bag already.”

Yan Qingsi chuckled and asked, “What were you here for again?”

“Oh I almost forgot the important stuff. After Xu Qianxi was struck off, Beauty’s Rival in Palace has a new female lead now. Director Feng has asked you to fill in some of the gaps during filming. He said he was going to increase your appearances in the upcoming episodes.”

Yan Qingsi nodded and said, “That’s good too since things here are going to wrap up soon in about two days. I can go to Jing city and be back in time for the wrap-up shoots for Requiem.”

“Are you sure Mr. Yue won’t trouble you after you wasted his time?”

Yan Qingsi shook her head. “I’m not sure actually.”

“My money!” Miss Mai cried out.

Yan Qingsi patted Miss Mai on the shoulder, saying, “I can’t help you get the money back, but we can work together and bring down that bastard.”


“You won’t tell Yue Tingfeng about the incident with Xue God right?”

Miss Mai shook her head. “Of course not, the boss is so busy, why would he be bothered with me?”

However, in the flash of an eye, Miss Mai had already given Jiang Lai a call.


Over at Jin Xuechu’s place, he had just hung up the phone when he saw his manager fidgeting anxiously beside him. He was stomping his feet and pointing at Jin Xuechu, berating, “You really don’t fear death, do you? You’re still hitting on that vixen. If Mr. Yue finds out about this, he’s gonna be going after you again.”

Jin Xuechu was feeling good and simply said, “Let him.”

“You don’t get it, I’ve heard that guy’s crazy. There’s no telling how far he’s willing to go to bring you down.”

Jin Xuechu took a picture and posted it on his Weibo. “Oh… by the way, help me get a bouquet of roses every day.”

His manager was fuming. “Are you even listening to me?”

Jin Xuechu nodded. “I am, but as I said, I want to court Yan Qingsi. I have to do something to show I’m making an effort or she’d think I was just kidding.”

“Xue God, that woman is really a handful. Look at her, she’s only just started her career but she’s already full of infamous rumors, she’s basically a gossip magnet.”

Jin Xuechu stood up, saying “Well then it’s about time I helped her clean up those gossips. Oh and about that new album, just finish it up as soon as possible. It’s dragged on for too long, just announce the dates straight away.”

“Where are you going?”

“If I’m going to chase a girl, I’ll need to change my style.”

Jin Xuechu was very motivated. He was prepared to use every ounce of his experience to get Yan Qingsi. She would get fresh flowers and chocolate from him every single day no matter if she wanted it or not. He just wanted to show her his determination.

In his excitement, Jin Xuechu grossly underestimated Yue Tingfeng’s abilities; the same Yue Tingfeng who had already plotted against him numerous times.

It was not until Jin Xuechu once again witnessed what a jerk Yue Tingfeng can be before he realized his manager had a point. Yue Tingfeng really was a bastard.

That day, he stopped his car by the road to run some errands. By the time he came out, his Porsche was wrecked so badly it was an unrecognizable piece of scrap. Jin Xuechu could only look on in shock.

A Bentley drove up and stopped right in front of him, and the driver bore the irritating face of none other than Yue Tingfeng.

“Your car was in my way!”

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