Chapter 257 - Yue Tingfeng You Shameless B*stard

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Chapter 257: Yue Tingfeng You Shameless B*stard

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In that instant, there was a sh*tstorm of emotions within Jin Xuechu. ‘What the f*ck!’ he thought.

He had dueled countless times with Yue Tingfeng but he never really took them to heart.

The first time they dueled, Jin Xuechu let it slide because he knew there was too big a gap between their abilities.

The second time it happened, Jin Xuechu also felt there was no need to further pursue the matter.

However this time, Jin Xuechu had had enough. Yue Tingfeng was obviously looking to stir up trouble. Plus, he had already decided he was going to court Yan Qingsi, so there was no need for him to avoid Yue Tingfeng any longer. When opponents meet up, some hairs are inevitably bound to be ruffled.

Jin Xuechu chuckled. “CEO Yue, we’re both adults, is there a need to be so childish?”

Yue Tingfeng smirked and said, “I know, we’re both adults, that’s why I only knocked into your car.”

Jin Xuechu was speechless, does this mean what Yue Tingfeng meant was—had they not been adults, he would have run him over alongside with his car?

Jin Xuechu had no words to describe his emotions. He had been in the entertainment industry for ten years and had met all kinds of people, but to see someone as shameless as Yue Tingfeng, that was a first.

Jin Xuechu nodded. “CEO Yue, if you’re a man, come at me directly. Why hide behind all these dirty tricks?”

Yue Tingfeng looked at Jin Xuechu as if he were a fool and said mockingly “Didn’t I just crash your car directly?”

Jin Xuechu reached around his waist. Damn, why did he not bring a knife with him today?

Yue Tingfeng looked at the time, the traffic police will be arriving soon. “I’ll pay for the car damages, someone will send money to your studio. We’ll meet again so don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for me to come at you directly.”

With a roar of car exhaust, Yue Tingfeng stepped on the gas and left Jin Xuechu in a cloud of fumes.

Jin Xuechu felt like it was the wrong day to come out of his house today. Looking at his new car, a wave of anger washed over him. He had bought this new Porsche to impress Yan Qingsi but now, it’s a useless piece of scrap metal. Yue Tingfeng you shameless b*stard!

However shameless Yue Tingfeng had been, it was only a fraction of his ability. There was more to come.

Yue Tingfeng fished out his cell phone and made a phone call. Soon enough, the still-clueless Jin Xuechu was surrounded by a group of enthusiastic fans right around his car. There were so many fans that the whole road was clogged up. With all the fans grappling for him, Jin Xuechu had no way out of the crowd.

It was only an hour later that he was rescued from the crowd by the traffic police.

Back in his office, Yue Tingfeng threw his car keys on the table and made a call to Jiang Lai.

Jiang Lai rushed in nervously. Looking at his boss’s demeanor, he thought his boss looked in a good mood today.

“What is it, sir?”

Yue Tingfeng did not even lift his head and said, “I accidentally knocked into Jin Xuechu’s car, send some money to him to pay for the damages.”

Jiang Lai was surprised. When did his boss become so kind? Sending money to his rival? It was already a miracle he did not run Jin Xuechu over together with his car. This did not seem like his style.

His head was filled with questions, but he nodded nonetheless. “Yes sir, I’ll see to it right away.”

He was turning to leave when his boss added, “Hold on, change the money all into coins.”

The heck? Jiang Lai just about held back his surprised reaction. Coins?

Jiang Lai slowly turned around and asked carefully, “Uhh… How much is his car again?”

It’s just a small Cayenne 1, I’d say it’s worth about a million-plus yuan. Just give him two million then, I wouldn’t want people to say I’m bullying him.

Jiang Lai wanted to kneel right there and then. Boss, are you kidding me? You want me to send over two million yuan in coins?

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