Chapter 258 - This Is A Woman I Can Never Miss

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Chapter 258: This Is A Woman I Can Never Miss

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Jiang Lai tried to talk some sense into his boss. “Sir, it’s two million yuan, maybe it’s not a good idea? Even if we asked the bank for two million in coins, it’ll be difficult for them to procure it in such a short time. What if we give it in hundred-yuan notes instead?”

Yue Tingfeng seemed to give it some serious consideration, nodding his head, he said, “It is indeed not such a good idea…”

Jiang Lai nodded his head vigorously. “Yes, yes boss.”

Jiang Lai never thought his boss would be that easy to be convinced, but very soon, reality hit him right in the face.

“Let’s send him hell banknotes 1 then. Just one stack is enough. I want you to send them personally, and express my deepest apologies for ruining his car,” Yue Tingfeng added.

Jiang Lai felt like he was just hit on the back of his head, how naive could he be? Who did he think Yue Tingfeng was? How could he expect this vile person to act kindly?

Jiang Lai regretted trying to talk some sense into his boss. With a smile and a face full of apology, he said, “It’s okay, boss. Let’s just stick with coins.”

Yue Tingfeng looked at him. “Are you sure it won’t be too much of a trouble? I wouldn’t want to make your life difficult, you know?”

Jiang Lai shook his head vigorously. “Not at all, boss. It’s no trouble at all. Thank you for your concern, boss.”

He estimated that he would probably only get beaten if he sends the coins over, but if he sends hell banknotes instead, he would probably be beaten to death.

What did he ever do to end up with such a boss? He was being sent to get beaten up but still had to thank his boss for not killing him.

“Go ahead then. Send the coins by today, I don’t want him thinking that I don’t settle my debts.”

Jiang Lai quickly nodded and left the room, almost knocking into Qu Jing on the way out. Holding onto Jiang Lai, Qu Jing asked, “What’s the hurry?”

“In a hurry to get beaten up,” Jiang Lai simply said.

Qu Jing chuckled.

After being saved from the crowd of rabid fans, Jin Xuechu had scratch marks everywhere from being grappled by his fans. His manager felt heartbroken and angry at the same time just looking at the scratch marks on his neck.

“I told you, don’t get involved with that vixen. Mr. Yue is not someone you can take lightly, he would never stay idle with you, going after his woman like that. Give up Xue God, get out before it’s too late!”

Jin Xuechu took a selfie and posted it with a caption asking his fans to act rationally when meeting with movie stars. The situation earlier almost caused a stampede, he did not want any fans to get hurt.

“It’s too late,” Jin Xuechu said.

“You’re really asking for trouble.”

Jin Xuechu clicked into Yan Qingsi’s Weibo and liked a picture she posted today on set.

He clicked into the picture and saved it, saying, “Indeed. If I wasn’t looking for trouble, how can I show her I really love her? If Yue Tingfeng’s threat can’t shake my determination to have her, I’m positive this is the woman I can never let go, or else it would haunt me for the rest of my life.”

His manager was stomping his feet in anger. “You… One of these days, you’re going to get yourself killed because of that vixen.”

“I want to marry her, what do you think?” Jin Xuechu suddenly asked.

His manager looked like he had just seen a ghost, shouting out after being stunned for a few seconds, “Well I’ll be damned!”

His manager’s phone suddenly rang. After picking up the phone, his face went pale. “Mr. Yue has sent someone here to pay you for your car damages. They’re downstairs.”

The two of them exchanged looks and quickly made their way downstairs.

Outside the door, parked dozens of trucks.

Jin Xuechu was stunned at the sight, what trick was Yue Tingfeng playing this time?


Rich man Yan: As a rich man, I am entitled to be eccentric. I can use 2 million yuan worth of coins to bury you anytime I want

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