Chapter 259 - Did He Mean To Bury Me With Money?

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Chapter 259: Did He Mean To Bury Me With Money?

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Jiang Lai looked at Jin Xuechu, then at the safety helmet in the car. After a moment of hesitation, he decided not to put it on. Gathering all his courage, he walked over to meet with Jin Xuechu.

He then proceeded to read out his well-rehearsed script, “Mr. Jin, I am CEO Yue’s assistant, the CEO has accidentally knocked into your car and hence has sent me as a representative to express his deepest apologies.”

Jiang Lai then lowered his head and gave Jin Xuechu a gracious bow. ‘No need to say anything else, just butter him up first,’ he thought.

Jin Xuechu chuckled. “We’ll come to the apologies later. Can you tell me what is inside all these trucks?”

“These are all… Uhm… money to pay for the damages,” Jiang Lai said, almost apologetically.

“Money for the damages?” Jin Xuechu chided, “Did Mr. Yue asked you to plunder the reserves of every bank in the market?”

Jiang Lai nodded. To be honest, it was true. He had probably collected every last coin in all the bank’s reserves. Not to mention every major retail outlets and supermarket. Even then, he only managed to get two million yuan in coins.

Jiang Lai did not dare to imagine Jin Xuechu’s reaction when he actually sees the truckload of coins.

Jin Xuechu laughed coldly, was Yue Tingfeng here to show off his wealth?

“Alright, let’s see how much of a show-off he is.”

Jiang Lai waved at the driver to open the doors and said to Jin Xuechu, “You better be ready…”

Jin Xuechu and his manager were very curious, how much money was actually in those trucks to need so many of them?

Once the truck doors were opened, it felt like their eyes were opened to a whole new world. Those shiny, shimmering coins almost blinded Jin Xuechu. It was a sight to behold.

Jin Xuechu covered his eyes with his hands, it took a while before he could put them down. What he saw in front of him, he had no idea how to react. The limit of expressions on the human face was not enough for him to express his feelings at that very moment.

“Two million in cash, there might be more, but definitely not less. Do you want to verify the amount, sir?”

Jin Xuechu ignored his question and walked over to pick up a coin. “I’ve finally witnessed what it means to be the gold-standard for shamelessness. That award definitely goes to Yue Tingfeng. Did he mean to bury me with money?”

Even though his boss was not some kind soul by any means, Jiang Lai was still an employee of the company and he could not allow his boss to be mocked by outsiders without defending him. “That’s not entirely true. At least, the CEO is a man of his words, he did pay up, didn’t he?”

Moreover, he was already kind enough not to send over hell banknotes.

Jin Xuechu’s manager finally came back to his senses, screaming at Jiang Lai, “What a big bully! Where do you think this is, sending two million yuan in coins like that. Come here, you better count them one by one, I tell you. We won’t let this slide, I’m going to call the police right now.”

Jiang Lai sighed and said, “If you wish to call the police, be my guest. However, with all due respect, even though my boss rammed into your car, he is paying for it in full. Not only that, he even paid back several hundred-thousand more than the original price of Mr. Jin’s car. That is a gesture of goodwill and in no way a form of bullying. No matter how you file your complaint, you will never get a case in.”

Jin Xuechu suddenly laughed at his manager and Jiang Lai’s petty arguments. He fished out his cell phone from his pocket. With his left hand holding a coin, and a background full of coin-filled trucks, he took a selfie and sent it to Yan Qingsi.

It would be a shame not to share such a majestic scene with her.

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