Chapter 260 - I’ll Give Her 1314 Every Day

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Chapter 260: I’ll Give Her 1314 Every Day

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Yan Qingsi was putting on her makeup when her cell phone rang. It was a new message from Jin Xuechu; there was only a photo in it. Zooming in on the picture, she smirked. Was Jin Xuechu crazy? Why did he have so many coins?

After he sent the photo to Yan Qingsi, he turned back to Jiang Lai and said, “Please go back and let CEO Yue know, I’m very grateful for his kind payment, and I like it a lot. I was out of ideas for more creative gifts for Yan Qingsi, but now I have it. I will give her 1314 1 coins every day, to signify that I will love her eternally. I believe if I persevere with it for a few hundred days, she will definitely be touched by my persistence.”

‘I won’t stop you if you want to die,’ Jiang Lai thought to himself.

Jiang Lai went back and repeated what Jin Xuechu said to his boss. He initially thought his boss would flip in rage, but Yue Tingfeng merely smiled coyly and asked, “So he sends her flowers every morning?”

“Yes, boss.”

“Check which flower shop he goes to.”

“On it, boss. I’ll make sure it closes down right away.”

Yue Tingfeng tutted, saying, “Am I such a bad person?”

From that day onwards, the flowers Yan Qingsi got every morning were always almost dying; the petals have dropped until only the last few ones remained, and they even emanated a peculiarly foul smell. Yan Qingsi started to despise the flowers sent by Jin Xuechu. So much so that she asked Xiao Xu to never bring it to her if he knew the flowers were sent by Jin Xuechu.

Yan Qingsi knew nothing of the epic duel between the two men, nor did she care to find out. After finishing her scenes on Requiem, she planned to head over to Jing city. However, before that, she decided to go to the mall. It had been a while since she went shopping, and it was high time she added to her wardrobe.

As Miss Mai had told her, she had fans, and she needed to be more careful with her image when she goes out.

Yan Qingsi was the type of person who looked good in anything she wears. Even if she draped a bedsheet over her, it still would have looked like a designer-label dress.

Two hours was all she needed to do a clean sweep of the mall. After the haul, she invited Xiao Xu to coffee downstairs for his good work as her manual laborer.

It was there that she heard a familiar voice.

“Mrs. Wang, I’m positive the necklace I lent you had a real jade on it, but now you return me a fake one. Did you think I wouldn’t recognize it?”

“Mrs. Yue, are you saying that I switched a fake jade with your real one? Everyone, what do you think? I merely borrowed her necklace for a while, and now she’s accusing me of switching the jades. Are you saying I stole your stuff? The Wang family might not be as rich as the Yues, but we are still a respectable family. How can you simply throw accusations like that, Mrs. Yue?”

“That’s right, Mrs. Yue. You can’t go around bullying people just because the Yue family has a bigger company. Mrs. Wang can also say it was already a fake when you lent it to her.”

“You… You…”

Yan Qingsi removed her shades and looked over to the commotion. Mrs. Yue was arguing with a group of women, her face pale as snow and her eyes already turning red from tears. She looked helpless all alone.

Yan Qingsi laughed. This kind of issue… was none of her business.

She turned around to leave but made a U-turn back at the exit.

Mrs. Yue was never an argumentative person. Ganged up, helpless, and defenseless, she was never going to be a match for those women.

Suddenly, someone sat down beside her and hugged her arm. “What a merry scene. What are you talking about?”

Mrs. Yue turned around to see Yan Qingsi and somehow felt that backup has arrived. Her two watery red eyes were imploring Yan Qingsi to help her.

Yan Qingsi sighed to herself. “Hi aunty, it’s been days since we last met. Who would’ve thought we’d meet here? Well, what do we have here? Who’s bullying you, aunty? Tell me, I’ll tear them into pieces.”


Rich Man Yan: Oh no, my mum is here to steal the show!

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