Chapter 261 - I’m Here, I Won’t Let You Be Bullied

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Chapter 261: I’m Here, I Won’t Let You Be Bullied

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Mrs. Yue was feeling helpless until she saw Yan Qingsi. It was at that moment she felt like she had met a comrade. Holding onto Yan Qingsi’s arm, it felt like Yan Qingsi was the only support she had. She looked pitiful, saying, “They… they…”

Yan Qingsi sighed again. She was already at such an old age but still getting bullied by outsiders like that. These people knew she had a good temper and ganged up to bully her into silence.

Yan Qingsi patted her on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, I’m here now. It’s just a necklace, right? Let me see it.”

Mrs. Wang eyed her suspiciously and asked, “Who are you?”

Yan Qingsi lifted an eyebrow. “Me? Who are you to ask? Did you borrow aunty’s necklace eh? Tsk… You reek of poor man’s taste. Are you really up to standard to even wear this necklace?”

Mrs. Wang was incensed. Turning around to point at Mrs. Yue, she fumed, “Mrs. Yue, you have the gall to call for backup? Did you think getting backup would scare us? Let me tell you something, I will not take your accusations lightly. If you really want to play, let’s talk at the police station.”

Suddenly, Yan Qingsi grabbed the cup of coffee beside Mrs. Yue and slammed it down hard on the table. The coffee spurted up high and landed on Mrs. Wang’s LV handbag. Mrs. Wang shrieked, “Oh my god, my new LV bag! You…”

Yan Qingsi pulled out two tissue papers to wipe her hands clean. “Oh no, how could I have done it on purpose. My hands slipped. You’re Mrs. Wang right? The Wang family is also of respectable standings. Surely an LV bag is nothing for you to worry about. You’re not that poor, are you?”

Yan Qingsi picked up the jade necklace on the table. “Come, let me see if this is real. I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet, but my family specializes in the precious gems business. One look is all I need to know if it’s real. You can’t cheat Mrs. Yue with me around.”

Mrs. Yue looked at Yan Qingsi with her mouth agape. When was she involved in the precious gems business?

Yan Qingsi’s words had Mrs. Wang sitting uneasily. She harrumphed and quickly added, “Look all you want. Whether it’s real or fake has nothing to do with me, I don’t know anything at all.”

Yan Qingsi smirked. She slowly felt the breadth of the jade with her fingers, then expertly lifted it into the sunlight for closer inspection, the whole process looked very professional. After a while, she shockingly declared, “Ahh… this is the real deal. The brilliance of the emerald color, the carvings on the jade, it’s top-notch quality, aunty. Look at the intricacy of these carvings, the waterways look so real water might even flow out from it. How could this be fake? Could it be that you’re mistaken, aunty?”

That gave Mrs. Yue a real shock, the jade was obviously fake! She quickly tried to defend herself, “But I…”

Yan Qingsi secretly gave Mrs. Yue’s hand a tight squeeze under the table before adding, “Aunty, try to look closer. I’m telling you, I’ve been looking at jades since I was in my mother’s womb. This is definitely a real jade.”

Mrs. Yue blinked a few times; her red eyes still looking lost and naive. She did not know what Yan Qingsi was planning to do. However, she still managed to play her part, saying, “Ohh… I suppose I really was mistaken, this does look like the real one…”

Mrs. Wang and her gang exchanged glances, doubts flashing through their eyes.

Mrs. Wang then put on a haughty face and chided, “So it’s real then. Mrs. Yue was the one who’s mistaken the jade for a fake. She still had the gall to throw accusations around just because she’s from the Yue family. Are you so high and mighty you can’t even say sorry?”

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