Chapter 263 - Try to Play Tricks on Me? I’ll Play You to Death

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Chapter 263: Try to Play Tricks on Me? I’ll Play You to Death

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mrs. Wang was babbling off nonsense out of fear, “You… you… This is illegal, you know… My family will not let you off the hook…”

Yan Qingsi guffawed. “Huh? That tiny Wang family? I have the Yue family backing me up. Didn’t you know I’m Mrs. Yue’s candidate of choice for a daughter-in-law? Do you think Yue Tingfeng will let anything happen to me? Ahh… What a waste of time telling you all this… One… Two… Ohh you’re hardy Mrs. Wang… if that’s the case, no need for 3 then… I’ll just pour this out… it’d be a waste of good acid anyway.”

Yan Qingsi cocked her wrist downwards. With the liquid almost dripping out the mouth of the vial, Mrs. Wang begged for mercy, “No… no… don’t do it… I’ll tell you where it is… It’s… it’s in my bag.”

Mrs. Wang knew Mrs. Yue was a mild-mannered and naive old lady. She took a liking to Mrs. Yue’s necklace, but she knew her husband would never fork out the seven-figure sum necessary to buy her that necklace. So she cooked up a plot to swindle Mrs. Yue of her necklace, she felt it was okay since Mrs. Yue was not lacking in money nor jewelry anyway. Nobody knew if the original necklace Mrs. Yue lent her was real or fake. As long as she denied everything, even the police cannot prove anything.

Mrs. Wang planned to cause a commotion and simply pass the fake necklace off as the real thing. If that failed, she would simply say there was a mix-up and switch the necklaces back.

Everything was going according to plan until Yan Qingsi made her grand entrance. A simple ploy to trick them into letting their guards down, then sucker-punching them with the acid.

Yan Qingsi glowered at the motionless women standing around them. “You, take it out for me,” she said, pointing to one of them.

With shaking hands, the woman picked up Mrs. Wang’s handbag and retrieved a black pouch from one of the pockets.

Yan Qingsi ordered them to take it out for inspection. It was only after verifying the authenticity of the jade that she let go of Mrs. Wang’s hair.

Rapping Mrs. Wang on the face, Yan Qingsi chided, “Wouldn’t things have been easier if you had taken it out earlier? Try to play tricks with me huh? I’ll play you to death.”

Mrs. Wang could not help but admit defeat this time. She loathed Yan Qingsi, but the bottle of acid still hovered above her head so she did not dare say anything snarky. “I gave you the real necklace, now let me go…”

Yan Qingsi nodded and said. “Go indeed, we need to go, we can’t stay here.”

Mrs. Wang was relieved to hear that. “Then… get off me and let me go then.”

Yan Qingsi grabbed Mrs. Wang by the shirt and pulled her up. She tutted then said “How could you be as naive as Mrs. Yue, my dear? You hurt that poor old lady so badly just now, did you think just handing over the necklace would cut it? Man, you really know how to dream.”

Mrs. Wang started to panic again. “What do you want then?”

Pushing her forward, Yan Qingsi said, “What else? An apology shouldn’t be too hard for you, I suppose?”

Pointing to the other women, she ordered, “All of you, walk in front of us, and don’t try anything funny. If my hand so much as slips while holding this bottle, I don’t know who would be the unlucky one here.”

Every one of them obeyed obediently. After all, who would dare to risk their face for nothing?

Mrs. Yue waited anxiously at the cafe. She tried to go out but was always stopped by Xiao Xu.

“Don’t worry, ma’am. My boss has a way of dealing with these kinds of people.”

“But there’s so many of them…”

“It doesn’t matter. No matter the number of people, they’ll all turn to jelly in front of Miss Yan,” Xiao Xu gushed reverently.

Just then, the door opened, and Yan Qingsi marched Mrs. Wang and her gang back into the cafe.

“See, I told you so,” Xiao Xu exclaimed excitedly.

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