Chapter 264 - I Treated You so Badly, Why Did You Help Me?

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Chapter 264: I Treated You so Badly, Why Did You Help Me?

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Mrs. Yue only breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that Yan Qingsi was alright.

Yan Qingsi shoved Mrs. Wang over to face Mrs. Yue, and passed her the little black pouch, saying, “Have a look inside and check if it’s your necklace.”

Mrs. Yue checked the contents of the pouch, the necklace was there and it was the real deal. She thought she would never get the necklace back, but such a herculean task seemed so easy for Yan Qingsi.

Mrs. Yue looked in awe at Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi scowled at Mrs. Wang and her gang then said, “Has everyone become mute all of a sudden?” She slammed the vial onto the table, and a few of them jumped.

Mrs. Wang mumbled a little, then quickly went up to Mrs. Yue and said, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Yue. You’re a kind person. I… I got greedy at a necklace I probably could not afford in my lifetime. I acted rashly and offended you. I know you’ve always had a kind heart, surely you will forgive me, right?”

Mrs. Yue felt uncomfortable at the way Mrs. Wang apologized. Even a fool would have realized Mrs. Wang was trying to pressure Mrs. Yue into forgiving her. If Mrs. Yue did not forgive her now, she would not be befitting of the ‘kind heart’ Mrs. Wang had labeled her with. Her gaze wandered towards Yan Qingsi, and she shuffled uneasily to her side.

Yan Qingsi sighed. She really could not imagine how many times this old lady must have been cheated and bullied before this. If she had not bumped into her today, who knows how much she would have lost this time?

Yan Qingsi laughed coldly. “So what you mean is that, after you stole her necklace and got caught in the act, she would be unkind if she did not forgive you? She may have an excellent temper, but I do not. Anybody who messes with me usually ends up dead. Weren’t you complaining about her accusations just now and wanted to make a police report about it? Go ahead, let’s make a report then.”

Yan Qingsi took out her cell phone and played a clip of sound recording, it was the clip where Mrs. Wang admitted she stole the necklace from Mrs. Yue.

After going through so much, Yan Qingsi had learned to always collect every possible evidence of her opponent’s wrongdoing to use against them. When she put her phone back into her bag earlier, the recording function was already turned on.

“This is such an expensive piece of jewelry, how many years of prison do you think you’ll be sentenced to if you’re convicted?”

Mrs. Wang was scared out of her wits, quickly adding, “I’m so very sorry Mrs. Yue. I’m a good-for-nothing bastard who stole your stuff and targeted you because of your good temper. I was wrong, I was so very wrong. Please… please don’t press charges. I assure you this will never happen again. If I ever meet you again on the street, I’ll take any other road just so that you won’t have to see me. You will never have to see my face ever again.”

“To let her go? Or to hand her over to the police? Your choice.” Yan Qingsi told Mrs. Yue.

Mrs. Yue said dryly, “I don’t care what happened before, but from now on, we are no longer friends. I will not show you any more respect. Since you accused me of bullying you just because I’m from a richer family, I will follow through with it then. I never want to see you anywhere near any of the Yue family’s property ever again.”

Mrs. Wang and the gang thanked them profusely and quickly ran off with their tails tucked between their legs.

Yan Qingsi was not surprised Mrs. Yue chose to let them go. She was one of the nicest women Yan Qingsi has ever met after all. It was the norm for Mrs. Yue.

Mrs. Yue did not expect Yan Qingsi to come to her aid. She had never treated Yan Qingsi particularly well to begin with. She felt regret when she murmured, “Tha… thanks for just now, but… I treated you so badly, why did you help me?”

Yan Qingsi chuckled. “Was that considered bad? Well, at least you weren’t trying to kill me. There are too many smart alecs in this world right now. The world needs more people who are pure and naive as you. What if you were bullied so much you turned smart? How would I win the next time I’m in an argument with you?”


Rich man Yan: My girl and my mum are growing closer behind my back, I wonder if my mum is going to dig more traps for me?

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