Chapter 265 - You Do Not Need to like Me, I Am Just a Horrible Person

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Chapter 265: You Do Not Need to like Me, I Am Just a Horrible Person

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

While pouting, Mrs. Yue said, “Why does everything that comes out from your mouth leave such a bitter aftertaste.”

Yan Qingsi replied with a huge smile on her face, “What on earth is Yue Tingfeng up to? You were being bullied and he can’t even stand up for his own mother. What a wonderful son he is.”

Mrs. Yue rebutted. “I never did tell him. He tends to resort to violence. All rationality and reason will be thrown out whenever he attempts to solve something his way. If I were to bring this to his attention, everyone else will think that our family is unreasonable and domineering by nature.”

Hearing Mrs. Yue’s comment, Yan Qingsi could not help but laugh in response. “Aunty, it is morally wrong to be unreasonable and domineering. However, this is also dependant on the situation. Some people will take advantage of your kindness and tend to push their luck. You can’t stay kind to people who do not deserve your compassion. Please don’t let anyone take advantage of you next time alright?” said Yan Qingsi.

A sudden realization hit Yan Qingsi. Was she lecturing a lady who was qualified to be her mother?

Like a child being scolded, all Mrs. Yue did was to lower her head in shame. She nodded in agreement. “I know… Just like Mrs. Wang right?’

Yan Qingsi smiled and replied, “Yes, and like me…”

Mrs. Yue looked up at Yan Qingsi’s smiling face. She felt completely unnatural in her own skin and said. “You… You’re… not… that… bad… I may have been a little biased against you in the past…”

Beaming with pride and having a huge smile plastered across her face, Yan Qingsi replied, “Look at you, you’re quite naive at times, I only did you a very slight favor and your entire perception of me changed. You know, I’m actually a horrible person. Maybe all I did was to get you to like me as a way to get myself married into your family?”

“I… I thought… You never thought about… marrying my son,” said Mrs. Yue with a surprised tone. Even to this day, Mrs. Yue thought that maybe her son was the persistent one in the whole relationship.

Yan Qingsi raised her eyebrows in surprise to Mrs. Yue’s response. “How can I refuse? So many other girls would do anything just to get themselves married to your son.”

Mrs. Yue looked frustrated and said, “I know… but you said…”

Xiao Xu rushed to Yan Qingsi’s side while pointing at his watch, reminding her of the time, it was time for her to leave for the airport.

While Yan Qingsi stood up, she said to Mrs. Yue, “You weren’t wrong about your personal bias towards me aunty, I am exactly as you thought. You don’t need to like me, nor do I hope to gain your favor. Me helping you out this time is my way of showing gratitude for the delicious pork ribs I had at your place. So this is it. Goodbye.”

Mrs. Yue shouted at Yan Qingsi. “Hey. You..”

Yan Qingsi paused for a moment. She turned around to face Mrs. Yue and said, “Aunty, no matter what, please stay the way you are now. If being a little innocent and naive will keep you happy, I’d say you’ll do just fine.”

Mrs. Yue was surprised at her parting words. She stood there frozen in shock, watching as Yan Qingsi slowly left the scene. Mrs. Yue realized she never actually understood that lady.

Yan Qingsi had not made it too far out of the plaza when she was stopped by a voice calling out to her.

“Qingsi…” shouted from a familiar voice.

Hearing that voice, she paused for a brief moment. She was about to resume walking but she was immediately stopped by someone directly in front of her path.

Yan Qingsi snapped as she let loose of her thoughts weighing her conscience down upon seeing the people blocking her. “Mr and Miss Helan, what do you both want!?”

Helan Xiuse excitedly shook her brother’s shoulders and said, “Oh my god, Oh my god. It is you! I was just talking to my brother about how I thought it was you from afar.”

With a cold expression on Yan Qingsi’s face, she replied. “Sorry, I am in a hurry to the airport.”

Adding to the tension, Helan Fangnian finally spoke. “Hold up just a minute… I have something to say to you.”

He turned to his sister and said, “Xiuxiu, could you give us some privacy and wait for me over there at the side?”

Helan Xiuse’s eyes widened, surprised by the apparent tension. “Oh… Alright…”

She reluctantly walked toward the side all while staring at her brother and Qingsi curiously.

Helan Fangnian looked like a complete wreck. He was in shambles. He was bearing a hollow and empty expression. While trying to break the tension to no avail, he let out a painfully awkward laugh and said, “I won’t bother you for too long, I only need to speak my mind.”

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