Chapter 266 - Your Lady Would Have Been Snatched Away

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Chapter 266: Your Lady Would Have Been Snatched Away

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“I never expected to run into you here today. Isn’t it ironic? I was searching so hard for you to no avail but I never expected that all I needed to do was to walk out my door…” said Helan Fangnian nervously.

Yan Qingsi remained silent as she did not know what else she could say to him.

At that moment, Helan Fangnian took a chocolate bar out of his pocket. “I remembered you used to love this particular brand of chocolate during winter when it was snowing. I saw it earlier and thought of you. That’s why I bought it.” Helan Fangnian added.

That gesture reminded her of painful bitter memories she had suppressed. With a hollow and cold voice, she replied, “I don’t want it, nor do I need it any longer.”

Yan Qingsi was so lost in her thoughts that she did not notice someone was pulling at her shoulder from her side. “I thought you said you were in a hurry, what are you still standing here for? Tingfeng has been rushing you…” said another familiar voice.

Yan Qingsi was startled by the statement, she looked up only to see Mrs. Yue rushing her to leave.

Helan Fangnian reluctantly put the chocolate bar away and greeted, “Aunty…”

Mrs. Yue paused for a moment, looked up in shock and said, “Oh my god, it’s you Fangnian. Pardon me for not noticing you earlier. As you can see, we’re in a hurry. Tingfeng will be having lunch with us, would you want to join us?”

Helan Fangnian glanced over at Xiuse. Filled with mixed emotions he simply replied, “No thanks… I still need to do some shopping with my sister.”

“Oh… well, we wouldn’t want to interrupt your time spent bonding. Why don’t you go along then and send our best wishes to your parents would you? We’ll be taking our leave then,” said Mrs. Yue as she waved goodbye to Xiuse.

Helan Fangnian could only muster a few words as he was weighed down heavily by his emotions. “Alright then… Safe travels Aunty…”

Seeing that both Mrs. Yue and Yan Qingsi had left, Helan Xiuse ran toward her brother as she hugged her brother’s shoulder. She asked, “Hey, you know Yan Qingsi?”

“Yea, we met during your coming of age ceremony,” Helan Fangnian answered.

“But you just handed her your chocolate bar, what were you two talking about anyway?” asked Helan Xiuse curiously.

“It was nothing. Come on, Let’s get out of here,” said Helan Fangnian as he tried to shrug off her question.

“Thank you so much, aunty,” said Yan Qingsi.

Mrs. Yue’s sudden intervention was a blessing in disguise to her very tense situation earlier.

Mrs. Yue let go of Yan Qingsi’s shoulder and with a stern look on her face, she said, “That Helan family… is indeed a complicated one.”

“Yea?” Yan Qingsi replied.

“The amount of infighting in the entire family is quite serious I’d say. So much scheming against one another, there isn’t a day of peace within the family… A fine example of the family’s complicated history would be how Fangnian’s uncle’s wife and kid died. The cause of death was never clear and will forever be shrouded in mystery.” Mrs. Yue added.

“Oh, I see…” Yan Qingsi answered. Yan Qingsi was puzzled as the statement had nothing to do with her.

At that moment, Xiao Xu had hailed a cab for Qingsi. “I’ve got to go now aunty, I have a plane to catch. See ya,” said Qingsi.

Seeing Yan Qingsi leave, Mrs. Yue started to pout as she said out loud, “Hey, remember what I’ve told you… Do you understand?”

As she got on the cab, Xiao Xu finally let loose as he laughed and said, “Miss, you seem like a really smart person. How could you not read between the lines of what Mrs. Yue meant? She is telling you to marry her son and stay the hell away from the Helan family. If you do get married into that family, you’re only asking for trouble.”

“Huh?” Yan Qingsi replied with a blank look and started to laugh out loud at that comment. Mrs. Yue had an interesting personality, hinting at marrying her son and rejecting the Helan family completely as she thought to herself.

She thought of Tingfeng at that moment. Ever since that phone call that night, she had not actually spoken to him.

Mrs. Yue was quite frustrated as she entered the car. She had to call her son.

She had called her son four to five times at this point. Her son had finally picked up her calls.

“Mom, what’s wrong. I’m busy,” said Yue Tingfeng.

Hearing her son’s mediocre reply, she laid into her son completely. “You’re always busy. That’s all you know how to say. Busy this. Busy that. You’re so busy, that you don’t even care if I had died. Who knows where you are these days. You know, If it wasn’t for me today… You would have completely been cornered right now. Busy. Hmph.”

Hearing his mom’s comments made him think of Qingsi. He asked, “What do you mean… Mom.”

Mrs. Yue curled her lips instantly upon hearing her son’s question. “What do I mean? Your lady would have been snatched away by someone while you’re still busy with work!”

“Mom, Thank you for giving birth to me. Having to give birth to me via C-Section is the only right way for a mother to deliver her very own child into this world,” said a rich man named Yan.

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