Chapter 267 - Why Didn’t You Call Her a Nymph Today

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Chapter 267: Why Didn’t You Call Her a Nymph Today

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Upon hearing what his mother had to say, Yue Tingfeng turned pale. “Mom, are you talking about Yan Qingsi?” asked Yue Tingfeng.a

Mrs. Yue felt increasingly frustrated at her son, so she sent him a picture of Yan Qingsi and Helan Fangnian facing each other which she had secretly taken.

Yue Tingfeng almost smashed his phone on the ground after seeing that picture.

“Yan Qingsi you imbecile! I had been bending over backward doing everything I could just for you, but you’re just a great girl, aren’t you? How dare you flirt with Helan Fangnian behind my back? I can’t even…” exclaimed Yue Tingfeng as his anger boils over him.

Nowhere was safe with this woman. Yue Tingfeng felt the increasing numbers of competition around him.

Yue Tingfeng could not help but wonder why and how he was this stressed out trying to win over a girl. Any normal person could have a stress free time getting a girl and maintaining that relationship. He, on the other hand, was surrounded by competition over this one girl. Everywhere she goes, the number of competition against him just increases.

He focused too much of his attention on Jin Xuechu and had created an opening for Helan Fangnian to make his move on her.

“Mom, did you meet up with Yan Qingsi?” Yue Tingfeng questioned his mother with a calm but chilling tone.

“Yea, I did…” Mrs. Yue answered.

“Did you speak to her?” Yue Tingfeng added.

Mrs. Yue felt annoyed at her son at this point. She said, “Why should I tell you? All that you need to know right now is Helan Fangnian is interested in your precious girlfriend. Whatever you choose to do is entirely up to you now.”

Yue Tingfeng felt odd and so he asked his mother. “I thought you were never interested in Yan Qingsi and always complained about her. What changed your mind now? Why the sudden interest in her?”

“Because I want to… Hmph,” Mrs. Yue answered.

She hung up immediately after she said that.

As expected, Yue Tingfeng kept calling his mother to no avail as she kept ignoring his calls. They both certainly were mother and son—the other party never picks up the caller’s calls.

After ignoring enough of her son’s calls, she switched her phone off and stated, “Who told you to reject my calls earlier. Here’s a taste of your own medicine.”

However, not long after Mrs.Yue had arrived home, Yue Tingfeng too, made it home as well. The first thing he said after entering his house was. “Mom…”

Mrs.Yue glared at him and said, “Hey now, who’d knew the only thing I had to say to get you home was that nym… I mean Yan Qingsi. So, if I hadn’t brought up her name, you wouldn’t come home now right?”

Mrs.Yue wanted to call her nymph by instinct but changed her mind mid-word.

Yue Tingfeng could only look at his mom with a curious expression all while holding his shoulder. “You had always called her nymph, but instead you called her by her name earlier. Why is that?” Yue Tingfeng asked.

Mrs.Yue nervously rubbed her head and said, “Did I?”

Yue Tingfeng glared at his mother and said, “Mom, just tell me the truth. What exactly did you tell Qingsi?”

“Nothing,” Mrs. Yue said while avoiding eye contact with her son.

After listening to what his mother said, he sat next to Mrs.Yue while hugging her shoulder he said. “Mom, you’re a terrible liar. Come on, let the cat out of the bag, you wouldn’t keep this from your son now, would you?”

Mrs.Yue shook off Yue Tingfeng and snapped back at him. “I told you nothing. Stop poking your nose into another woman’s business. Besides, just as Fangnian started to speak to her, I pulled her away and told him that you were expecting to have lunch with us. Seeing how he reacted, I’d say, he turned quite pale. Look at me now, an old woman lying to a young man just for your sake…”

Hearing this, Yue Tingfeng beamed up with a huge smile across his face. He replied, “Mom, you finally came to your senses. You did me a solid a here mom. You finally stopped sabotaging me now, mom.”

“Since when did I ever sabotage you boy, “Mrs.Yue rebutted.

“Who was it that told Yan Qingsi that I was good for nothing?” said Yue Tingfeng.

“I…I… wasn’t lying. You were good for nothing when you were little,” Mrs.Yue replied nervously.

Yue Tingfeng sighed after hearing his mother’s response. “Come on now mom, I am your son, a little white lie could help me out here you know. Despite all my flaws. Especially when I was trying to get the girl.”

Mrs.Yue rolled her eyes in response. “Look at you boy, what other qualities can I say other than your looks and your money. There is nothing else that I can think of.”

After hearing that, Yue Tingfeng fell back into the couch in defeat since there was no way in continuing this conversation.

Tingfeng had been feeling quite depressed lately. Ever since he had slept with Yan Qingsi, he had not been home for a good amount of days. Suffering from insomnia at night, drinking away in the pavilion. It was quite ironic for him to have a high alcohol tolerance at this moment. Many around him were already blackout drunk, but he stayed sober regardless of how much he had.

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