Chapter 268 - I Think I May Have Been Taken Advantage Of

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Chapter 268: I Think I May Have Been Taken Advantage Of

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Troubled by his unrelenting insomnia, Yue Tingfeng could only reflect on the roots of what had been bothering his mind. He thought of nothing at first—there was not a single thing that tugged at his heartstrings. However, there was a worry. An anxious worrying that had been the cause of his insomnia. Unrelenting, weighing down, and echoing ever so loudly at the back of his mind. He had no way of venting his frustrations, thus he drowned himself in work. However, the very unfortunate Jin Xuechu came to him and gave Tingfeng an outlet to vent out his emotions.

Yue Tingfeng had not visited Yan Qingsi lately, nor did he even thought about it. He felt inferior to have himself submit to Yan Qingsi entirely. He previously felt unmanly enough to show up and visit her. This time, he felt different and would not do the same again.

What Yan Qingsi said to him crossed his mind every once in a while. That statement she had said was, “I don’t mind attending to your sexual needs. However, if you are looking for something more serious, well, I will not be interested then!”

Yue Tingfeng thought to himself that this worked just fine for him. Attending only to his sexual needs without any emotional baggage. That was what he wanted after all.

However, as much as he tried to convince himself that he was okay with it, he still felt really conflicted. His heart was constantly reminding him that he wanted a lot more.

After days of much contemplating and self-reflection, Yue Tingfeng was no longer certain of what he actually wanted anymore. He had blurred the lines of where he ultimately stood in this very complicated relationship.

Mrs. Yue noticed how worn out her son looked. Yue Tingfeng looked worse than a complete wreck at this point. His eyes were hollow, hazy, and completely shrouded in a depressive cloud. She nudged him a little to get his attention. “Did you… breakup with her lately?” Mrs. Yue probed.

Even after hearing that question, Yue Tingfeng was feeling so completely emotionally drained that he could not even move a single muscle. His mouth was so heavily weighed down by emotional baggage that he did not even bother to reply. ‘What breakup? I wasn’t even dating her in the first place. How is a breakup even possible,’ he thought to himself, as he was left alone, lost deep in his own mind.

Yue Tingfeng could only manage to give a half-baked response to his mother. “I’m not feeling too well, mom.”

“It’s pretty obvious,” said his mother.

“I think I may have been taken advantage of,” Yue Tingfeng replied.

“What? Who?” Mrs. Yue asked surprisingly.

Staring at the ceiling Yue Tingfeng answered frustratingly in complete defeat, “That nymph whose first name is Yan.”

Mrs. Yue’s curiosity subsided after hearing her son’s answer. “Oh… Then… That’s normal,” Mrs. Yue replied.

“What did you say?” Yue Tingfeng exclaimed.

“No… I mean… It’s nothing…” Mrs.Yue cleared her throat while trying to change the question in order to distract her son. “Did both of you fought lately?”

“No we didn’t fight, Mom. I would love to think that I’ve treated her quite nicely but I can’t help but feel her resistance toward me. I wanted to get closer to her. But each time I tried to get close to her, she would often push me further away,” Yue Tingfeng explained. He actually wished they had fought. However, on that very day, everything turned out quite peaceful. After their coital engagement, she smoked a cigarette; he took a shower, came out, smiled at each other, had some small talk before going their separate ways.

The entire event made Yan Qingsi seem more emotionally liberated than Tingfeng ever could be. Honestly, she made leaving with zero emotional baggage so easy. Tingfeng, on the other hand, seemed to have some trouble coming to terms with just how conflicted his very own emotions towards her were.

Mrs.Yue sighed heavily after hearing what her son had to say. “That was a very one-sided perspective. You thought whatever that you’ve done was indeed going the extra mile for her, and that it was ultimately treating her the best? Have you considered how she felt and asked her if she was willing to accept the things you have done for her?

She knew exactly what kind of person her son was. He had never learned how to put himself in other’s shoes. Who knows when he will eventually take other people’s feelings into consideration.

Yue Tingfeng frowned and replied, “But she had no reason to reject me. I am a great person.”

Mrs.Yue gently pat her son’s head and said “Have your inflated ego finally gone to your head? Where on earth did you find your confidence anyway, my boy?”

“Mom…” Yue Tingfeng said as he was obviously offended by his mother’s statement.

“Come on now, spill the beans. Do please enlighten me as to where you managed to find so much confidence in yourself,” Mrs. Yue added.

Yue Tingfeng could do nothing but stare at Mrs.Yue blankly as he remained silent.

Mrs. Yue felt uneasy being stared blankly at for that long and started getting chills. “Alright, alright. You’re the best. If you can’t even figure your problems out yourself then what makes you think I can either.

She would not want to undermine her son any more than he already was. She handed over the tiny jewelry pouch to Aunty Wu and simply said, “Please help me put these away would you, Aunty Wu.”

Yue Tingfeng knew those pieces of jewelry were lent to Aunty Wu the other day. He simply stated, “Wow, not bad. This time you actually got them back.”

“It was… that… person… who got it back for me,” said Mrs. Yue nervously.

“That person… You mean Yan Qingsi?” Yue Tingfeng tried to confirm with a blank expression.

It was at that very second that Yue Tingfeng felt completely free from his demons as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He felt alive and truly relieved. He could not help but give his mother a very huge hug. “Mom, you truly are my mother. From this very day onwards, I will never say that you intentionally sabotage me ever again,” said Yue Tingfeng.

Mrs. Yue felt uncomfortable with the sudden physical compassion from her son and pushed him away. “Alright, what do you want?” Mrs.Yue complained.

“You’ve done me a real solid here, Mom. It’s only natural for me to show my gratitude to you now right?” Yue Tingfeng replied.

Yue Tingfeng finally let out a long sigh of relief. He finally had the perfect excuse he needed to meet her now.


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