Chapter 270 - Will It Hurt to Say ‘I Miss You’?

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Chapter 270: Will It Hurt to Say ‘I Miss You’?

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Jiang Lai could not help but curse the whole of Yue Tingfeng. What has gotten into his boss?

Yue Tingfeng was his superior after all, so he had to somehow squeeze a slot to Jing city in his already jam-packed schedule.

Jiang Lai was feeling aggrieved and went over to complain to Qu Jing.

Qu Jing merely chuckled. “Don’t you see? It must be because Yan Qingsi is shooting in Jing city.”

“If he wants to go, he can just go on his own anytime. Why does he need me to use the company name to add to the schedule?”

Qu Jing shook his head and laughed. “You’ll never understand the inner workings of someone with late-stage ‘arrogant cancer’.”

Rapping on the table, he continued, “If he went alone, what would that signify? It would mean ‘I miss you, I want to see you’; but if he went under the company name, that would mean ‘I don’t want to see you, I’m here for company business, but since I’m here, I’ll stop by to see you’. Get it?”

Jiang Lai sniggered. “Damn, will it hurt him to say ‘I miss you’?”

“It won’t hurt him, but it’ll hurt his ego.”

Yan Qingsi took a two-hour flight to Jing city. She did not even have time to unpack before the director rushed everyone onto the set.

Filming had been stalled because of multiple setbacks. That incident with Xu Qianxi already had Director Feng pulling his hair out. It was a small matter to lose some money there, but the real problem was that they were way behind schedule because of all the ruckus.

Time was of the essence for the scenes that they were about to reshoot. The director had already put word out on set that there will be no time for bad takes. If a scene NGed more than three times, that scene would be cut.

As Yan Qingsi was listening to the director’s rant, she thought to herself that if the director knew it was her who messed up Xu Qianxi, he probably would have killed her himself.

Yan Qingsi chuckled to herself.

“What are you laughing at?” A melodious voice sang in her ear.

With that deep, mellow baritone, there were not too many men Yan Qingsi knew who had that kind of seductive voice. She did not have to look to know who was behind her. Smirking to herself, she replied, “Ahh… Uncle Qin…”

Qin Jingzhi flashed her a radiant smile. “Uncle it is then. It’s been a while. How’s everything going?”

“Don’t you go on Weibo, Uncle? I’m one of the most infamous movie stars at the moment.”

Qin Jingzhi chuckled. “You do have a good outlook on it.”

“What else can I do? Shame myself to death?”

“My studio is working on a new movie and there’s a role that I think is perfect for you. Wanna come and try out for it?”

Yan Qingsi raised a brow. “Is that what I get for calling you, Uncle?”

“You can say that, I guess,” Qin Jingzhi quickly added as the director finished his rant. “We’ll talk after the shoot.”

Shooting then began in earnest, and Yan Qingsi got the chance to meet Zeng Keren, the new female lead on set. She was not as pretty as Xu Qianxi, but she definitely looked more classy. She greeted Yan Qingsi politely, not too warm but not too aloof as well. Word has it that she had a pretty strong family backing her too.

After a few scenes, Zeng Keren’s acting chops shone through, and the two of them combined for some really excellent scenes.

During the break, Zeng Keren came over to sit with Yan Qingsi and asked, “Miss Yan, are you close with Mr. Qin?”

“No, I’m not.”

“But among everyone on set, Mr. Qin seems to like to talk to you the most.”

Yan Qingsi laughed indifferently before saying, “You can’t get a man by just asking around, dear. You’ve got to go after him. If I really fancied him, would you have had had the chance to even ask me about it? He would already be in my arms.”


Rich man Yan: My mum has been working hard on helping me regain my declining popularity, I think it’s working pretty well.

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