Chapter 271 - I’ve Liked Him For So Long Time That I’ve Forgotten Time

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Chapter 271: I’ve Liked Him For So Long Time That I’ve Forgotten Time

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Yan Qingsi was not old, but she had met a lot of people and experienced many incidents. Although the woman—who was younger than her—appeared steady before her, her eyes could not hide her real thoughts and emotions. When she asked Yan Qingsi about it, those eyes could not conceal her jealousy and suspicion, and of course, most of all, her love for Qin Jingzhi.

Yan Qingsi did not know what she would look like in love, but she could see it in other people.

Zeng Keren had been seen through instantly and her face turned red. “What…nonsense are you saying.”

Yan Qingsi sneered, “You know clearly in your heart whether I’ve spoken nonsense or not. Don’t try me. Don’t think about doing anything to me. There has never been anything in this world that anyone could get by being suspicious.”

Yan Qingsi hated being tested suspiciously by others. Although there had always been a lot of women who saw her as an imaginary enemy in places she passed by, when it came down to it, who had she really seduced? Until now, the only person who had genuinely slept with her was only Yue Tingfeng.

Despite that, everyone thought that she had enticed countless men; a floozy. In the beginning, she thought about clearing it up, but who would hear her out? Instead, they would think that she was not serious. In time, she became too lazy to explain anymore.

Zeng Keren did not speak. After a long while, she slowly poured her heart out. “Yes, what you’ve said is true. I like Mr. Qin, I’ve liked him for a long time. It’s been so long that I don’t remember how long. I entered this industry because of him. I can act with him this time, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. I want him to remember me but I’m afraid that he’ll be disgusted with my acting techniques. I practiced the script with a mirror, again and again, every day…”

Yan Qingsi listened to her but her thoughts were far away.

Once upon a time, she had the chance to fall in love with someone, but God was not so kind.

Sometimes, when you could like someone without a care in the world, it was also a kind of extravagant happiness.

This kind of happiness had nothing to do with her.

Yan Qingsi put down the script and got up. It was time to act with Qin Jingzhi.

Zeng Keren called Yan Qingsi, “Miss Yan, please wait…”

“I’m going to start work. I don’t have time to gossip with you.”

Zeng Keren stood up, dignified, and said, “Miss Yan, I can tell that Mr. Qin treats you in a special way. If you don’t like him, can you please stay away from him? I know this request of mine is too much, but I don’t wish…”

Yan Qingsi swung around. “You don’t wish for what? Don’t wish for Qin Jingzhi to fall for me? Don’t wish that I like him because it will make you panic? What right do you have to tell me that? You know that it’s too much but you ask it from me anyway. How are you qualified to decide who someone loves? Don’t tell me that just because you like him, I have to consider you and stop talking to Qin Jingzhi? Who are you?”

Zeng Keren’s face turned red at Yan Qingsi’s words. “I…I…”

Yan Qingsi cut her off. “You don’t have the courage to go after him, so you thought naively that if you prevented other women from getting near him, it’ll do? There’re all kinds of selfish people, but people like you, self-proclaim kindness but actually stupid, are rare.”

Yan Qingsi did not pay her any more attention. She gathered her skirt and left.

She could not understand how this woman could think that if she did not go near Qin Jingzhi, she would have hope? Zeng Keren was not bad, but Yan Qingsi did not like people like this.

Yan Qingsi hated being ordered around by others the most. She thought to herself, ‘You had best not try me, or I would really seduce Qin Jingzhi and let you cry yourself to death.’

It refers to people who look quiet, cold or even dull outside, but inside they are volatile, charismatic, hot and sexy. It may also be used to describe a person’s duplicitous personality, but mostly in the eulogistic sense.

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