Chapter 272 - The Unassuming Film Star—Qin

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Chapter 272: The Unassuming Film Star—Qin

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The cameras had been adjusted. Yan Qingsi stood in front of the mirror and a make-up artist came over to touch-up her make up. Qin Jingzhi stood two steps away. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye. He possessed the mature charm and grace of a man in his prime. He was quiet, bearing the aura of a man seeking a simple life, rather than one who hungered for fame and fortune. This observation had been echoed far too many times, and, yet, it still fitted him perfectly.

Yan Qingsi smiled. There were plenty of metrosexuals, but few virile a man such as Qin Jingzhi. It was no wonder that young girls, like Zeng Keren, were swept off their feet by him.

Director Feng felt that there were some issues with the scene layout and instructed the props division to fix it quickly. Qin Jingzhi walked over, looking dignified in his period costume. He asked, “Were you peeking at me just now?”

The make-up artist finished with her make-up and left hurriedly. Yan Qingsi touched the hairpin on her head, drawling “Uncle, you’re overthinking. I would never peek at you; I was studying you.”

“And what did you learn?” asked Qin Jingzhi, playfully.

Yan Qingsi thought of Zeng Keren and looked up at Qin Jingzhi’s delicate face. She laughed and said, “I do have the results of my study. Uncle, you… still have it.”

Qin Jingzhi was caught by surprise. “What do you mean?”

Yan Qingsi winked at him. “Literally, what I’ve just said!”

The set was fixed and the director called for a start. It was a newly added scene, but Yan Qingsi and Qin Jingzhi had an instinctive tacit understanding of what was expected out of each other. They acted well together, so their scenes were usually taken in a single shot unless other problems arose. Hence, the crew enjoyed watching them act. For one thing, it was gratifying to watch, but most importantly: it was fast!

As Qin Jingzhi stared at her, impassioned, the director called out, “CUT!”

Yan Qingsi was wrapped in Qin Jingzhi’s arms. She said, “Uncle you can let go of me now.”

Qin Jingzhi continued to hold on to her waist. Yan Qingsi felt a shift in her center of gravity.

Qin Jingzhi laughed. “You should take the opportunity to seduce me in a moment like this.”

Yan Qingsi did not move. They were in an awkward position, and people were giving them sidelong glances. She rolled her eyes. “Uncle, are you going to pick a fight with your nephew?”

Qin Jingzhi laughed. “The depraved rumors about you and Jin Xuechu are spreading so quickly, but I don’t see my nephew doing anything about them. It looks like your relationship with him should be ending soon.”

“Uncle I don’t think your joke is funny.”

The assistant director awkwardly called out, “Mr. Qin, the next scene is yours.”

Qin Jingzhi released Yan Qingsi with some regret. He whispered in her ear before leaving, “Truthfully, I look forward to tomorrow’s scene.”

Yan Qingsi frowned, what scene was it tomorrow?

When she turned around and saw Zeng Keren, her face pale, looking at her did Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes. F**k, she was going to be seen as the vixen again.

It was only on the next day, when the director handed her the new page, did Yan Qingsi realized what Qin Jingzhi meant. It was a scene involving the three of them: Qin Jingzhi, Zeng Keren and her. When she finished reading the script, Yan Qingsi blew out a breath. Mr. Qin, what a smoldering ember, still waters run deep.

As the shoot began, Yan Qingsi dumped her script and got up.

Yue Tingfeng raced to the filming site as soon as he got off the plane; he hoped that Yan Qingsi would be happy to see him.

The first thing that he saw when he came in was Yan Qingsi gazing seductively at Qin Jingzhi. No matter how he looked, the two of them were ostentatious with their affection for one another. This was nothing that he could not bear. He could not hear the words that passed between them, but all of a sudden Qin Jingzhi took Yan Qingsi’s shoulders, leaned down and kissed her. Yue Tingfeng stared at them; lost.

“What the f**k!”


Rich Man Yan: Uncle, you are old and your teeth are not in good condition, you cannot bite this minx, I will help you to rid the people of evil!

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