Chapter 273 - The B*tches Who Made Him a Cuckold

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Chapter 273: The B*tches Who Made Him a Cuckold

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Yan Qingsi was furious. The director had not mentioned the kiss scene to her before shooting but Qin Jingzhi had known. In silence, she repeatedly cursed him.

This dramatic scene between the Emperor and his consort, Zhao, had been added for Yan Qingsi. It allowed her to dig into her experience with relationships and breathe life into the characters and their relationship. Through her, the audience would be able to experience a more breathtaking and vivid romance, which was a good thing, however, when she recalled Qin Jingzhi and his smug display, she experienced the sharp desire to kick him.

From behind an artificial hill, Zeng Keren watched the two of them. The color had drained from her face, as her mind flitted between the possibilities of it being an act or reality.

This kiss scene did not require a deep kiss, as they had offset it with the angling of the cameras. A wry, unexpected chuckle had escaped from Qin Jingzhi, before he leaned down to press his thin lips against Yan Qingsi’s. The reason behind the chuckle would not make itself known to Yan Qingsi until after the scene had ended.

Yan Qingsi glared at him, what the…

Did you actually…

From Yan Qingsi’s line of sight, she saw Zeng Keren, peering. The paleness of her face and the trembling of her body made Yan Qingsi want to bite his lips.

Qin Jingzhi are you trying to get me killed?!

Seeing them kiss spurred Yue Tingfeng into a ground eating walk. He had managed to rein back his desire to sprint toward them, kick Qin Jingzhi and haul off Yan Qingsi.

But after a few steps, he stopped walking and watched the two b*tches. “I need to be calm,” he breathed.

The scene ended in silence, and the director, satisfied with the take, ended the shoot.

Before the sound of the director’s cry could fade from the air, Yue Tingfeng strode forwards, pushing through everyone. He did not know whom he had pushed, as he rushed to Yan Qingsi. He leveled a kick at Qin Jingzhi’s knee as he shoved him off and wrapped his arm around her.

Yan Qingsi looked up in surprise. “Why are you here?”

No wonder she felt a chill run down her back; it was him.

Yue Tingfeng snapped coldly, “If I hadn’t come, I wouldn’t even know that the two of you are cheating.”

Qin Jingzhi tugged his clothes and laughed, “We’re filming. This is work.”

Yue Tingfeng gave him a sharp look. “Shut up.”

Qin Jingzhi laughed, handsome as ever. “You sure as hell can hold yourself back! I thought you would have immediately rushed over here.”

Yue Tingfeng smirked, “Do you think I’m dumb? If I had interrupted the scene then I’d have to watch you kiss her again.”

This knowledge was the reason behind Yue Tingfeng’s restraint. If they did not get it right the director would make the redo the scene. Meaning: they would have to kiss again!

Yan Qingsi finding the exchange to be inexplicably hilarious broke out into laughter.

Yue Tingfeng gnashed his teeth, “I haven’t even made you pay for what you’ve done, and you have the nerve to laugh?!”

She spread her hands. “What have I done? We’re filming according to the script and already you can’t bear it? What about bedroom scenes in the future? Besides…”

What is our relationship? We aren’t a couple. Why do you care so much?

Yan Qingsi smiled, choosing not to say the rest. If she said it before Qin Jingzhi,it would not look good for Yue Tingfeng.

Qin Jingzhi nodded and said, “She’s right. I’ll go ask the director if we should add a bedroom scene.”

Yue Tingfeng said darkly, “Qin Jingzhi, tell me if you’re tired of living, and I’ll grant you your wish.”

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