Chapter 275 - She Is mine, Do Not Touch Her

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Chapter 275: She Is mine, Do Not Touch Her

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Yue Tingfeng grinned coldly. “Uncle, touching your own nephew’s woman, where is your shame?

Back then, Yue Tingfeng would not bother to call Qin Jingzhi ‘uncle’. He did not even see him as an elder but now, this brat called him ‘uncle’ in every one of his sentences as if it was full of respect.

However, Qin Jingzhi’s heart was as clear as the water. He knew that this brat was mocking him with that address. It was like a constant reminder of him being old and ugly.

This brat was dark-hearted and thick-skinned since he was young. For the sake of Yan Qingsi, he really dared to do anything.

Qin Jingzhi smiled subtly. “Shame? It is quite interesting that this word came out from your mouth. Why would you ask others to have it when you don’t even have some?

Yue Tingfeng rolled his eyes like how Yang Qingsi usually does. This old man, he had no shame and so what? If he really cared for his image, he would have been killed by Yan Qingsi from anger for a hundred times.

Yue Tingfeng sniggered. “Uncle, don’t think that you are that noble. If I have no shame, you are nowhere better than me. You are just curious because you haven’t met a woman like Yan Qingsi. What you have for her is merely a sense of conquest—you want to hunt her. And it’s just fun to steal your nephew’s woman away, is it not?”

Qin Jingzhi smiled gently. He was no longer young but his charm could easily make up for his age. The charm of his maturity—like aged wine—was not comparable to young people.

He looked at Yue Tingfeng and said, “Tingfeng, are you not the same?’


Yue Tingfeng was suddenly tongue-tied, should he say that he was different? It did not seem to make sense.

Should he say that he was the same? Yue Tingfeng clearly knew that his feelings for Yan Qingsi were a mess. The only thing he was certain was that this woman had to be in his arms, no one else could touch her.

Qin Jingzhi smiled calmly. “In fact, men are the same. No matter what kind of man you are, once you have seen that flower on the cliff, you want to pick it. After all, the flower is too precious and beautiful. How can you not adore it when you see it?”

Yan Qingsi was that flower, the most special flower—full of thorns and poisons. It could lure waves of men to approach it.

Qin Jingzhi admitted that he was only curious about Yan Qingsi but love often started with curiosity and who knew what would happen in the future?

Qin Jingzhi had always been indifferent toward romantic relationships. The pretty women in this entertainment industry were like fish in the sea, colorful and thick on the ground. He had seen many of them and the concept of beauty was long lost in his mind. He was too lazy to entertain those pretentious female stars. Yan Qingsi was like the sparkling pearl in this dark and dirty pond. He could not help but wanted to see how far this woman could go.

Qin Jingzhi glanced at the time, it was almost time to film. “I still have work to do. I will leave.”

When Qin Jingzhi’s right leg stepped out of the threshold, he heard Yue Tingfeng saying, “Qin Jingzhi, I am not hunting.”

“Then it is love.” Qin Jingzhi’s second leg stepped out of the threshold.

Yue Tingfeng raised the corner of his mouth. “Mind your own business and don’t interfere. I just want to tell you that she is my woman. I have a habit since young to not allow others to touch my belongings. Don’t try me.”

Yue Tingfeng strode out of the threshold and bumped into Qin Jingzhi with force while walking out of the door.

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