Chapter 28 - I Want to Slaughter Yue Tingfeng! 2

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Chapter 28: I Want to Slaughter Yue Tingfeng! 2

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After a deep breath, Yan Qingsi stretched out her arm reluctantly and shook hands with Yue Tingfeng.

Causing a scene with Yue Tingfeng was no option, not when she was in front of Director Cai. Yan Qingsi’s chance was there and she had to hang on to it with both her hands.

She must not put Miss Mai in an awkward position either.

Since Yue Tingfeng pretended as though he did not know her, she had no reason to act otherwise.

Revenge must not be done in haste.

Yan Qingsi planned to shake his hand only briefly, but she did not expect him to grab tightly onto to her the instant her hand came into contact with his. It was a strong grip and there was nothing she could do to release herself from it.

He eventually let her go just as her fury was about to explode.

As their hands parted, Yue Tingfeng’s finger grazed her palm.

All she felt was a deep-seated disgust.

None of the people there were idiots—everyone could sense that something was not quite right between both of them, but they simply acted as though they did not see anything.

The film editor was a fat, middle-aged man, with a bald head, who gave off the impression of being something of a lowlife. He said, “Mr. Yue, have you eaten? Please join us if you haven’t.”


Yan Qingsi’s teeth nearly cracked from all her gnashing. She was not going to just swallow up all the disgust she was feeling—she wanted to find a way to get back at him.

Whether intentionally or otherwise, Yue Tingfeng chose to sit at Yan Qingsi’s right, making sure that he was very close to her.

Once everyone sat, Yan Qingsi took a wet napkin from her bag and began using it to wipe her hands. Back and forth she went until her palms were red.

Yue Tingfeng narrowed his eyes.

The first topic of discussion after everyone sat was the movie. The conversation centered around things such as where to shoot the scenery and who should be chosen for which role. They were all eating with gusto, their heads dripping in sweat. Yue Tingfeng was the only person who did not touch his chopsticks; all he did was drink two sips of water.

Yan Qingsi observed everything from the corner of her eye and sneered. The Yue family’s young master would never eat from the same pot as others because he found it unhygienic.

Things such as sliced beef, tripe, blood curd, and sheep’s brain were all delicacies for the others, but not him.

Yue Tingfeng always ate the best quality food available—his insisted on having Kobe beef; foie gras that was sourced from CLSACE 1 , Kansas; Beluga caviar; white truffles…everything must be of the highest quality.

Yan Qingsi knew he was a fussy person from the very first moment she laid eyes on him.

Putting it in Yan Qingsi’s words, ‘Never have I ever seen such a high-maintenance man.’

He was lucky simply because the Yue family was capable of meeting his needs.

Yue Tingfeng’s presence made Yan Qingsi feel mocked. She grabbed a glass of alcohol and downed it in one go, letting the fiery-hot drink slide down her throat.

Yan Qingsi’s felt a stirring in her heart. That douchebag Yue Tingfeng was sitting right beside her and she would be damned if she did not do something to him.

She placed her glass down and leaned to him with a huge grin on her face. “Mr. Yue, why aren’t you eating? You haven’t touched your chopsticks at all.”

Yue Tingfeng scanned his eyes past her. “I’m not hungry.”

Yan Qingsi then remarked cordially, “Really? Well, even if you’re not hungry, you’ve got to at least try something. Aren’t we all sitting here to enjoy our meal? It wouldn’t be nice of you not to touch your chopsticks. The tripe’s really good. Try it.”

She very graciously took some for him. A thick layer of red chili oil coated the tripe as it made its journey out of the pot. It looked incredibly spicy, and it just so happened that Yue Tingfeng did not take spicy food.

The sight of reddish oil and whitish filaments made him feel dizzy. His fingers tensed up and he frowned at Yan Qingsi.

She looked him directly in the eye and had a cold grin at the corner of her lips. Provocation was rife in her eyes…

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