Chapter 3 - You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man (III)

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Chapter 3: You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man (III)

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A look of disdain manifested on Yan Songnan’s face. “I’m thoroughly disappointed in you. I didn’t expect you to stoop to such lows. Considering the fact that you didn’t have a job after your graduation, I intended to train you up in the company. Unfortunately, greed was your second nature. How dare you misappropriate company funds? Where did you get the nerve to do that? Yet, you don’t seem repentant at all, not even when things have come to a head. How did the Yan family brought up someone as corrupted as you?”

Yan Qingsi sneered, “Disappointment is nothing. Wait until the time I sink you into despair.”

The policeman pushed her a bit. “Don’t waste time. Move, quickly…”

Yan Qingsi left behind an important final message. “Daddy, remember what I said. Time is running out…”

Yue Tingfeng looked indifferently at Yan Qingsi being dragged away. She seemed absolutely unperturbed in the face of such adversity and there was a certain nonchalance about her that gave her the impression of being insane.

There was certainly a monster living inside of her heart.

… Scene skip…

‘Yan Qingsi has been arrested!’

‘Yan Qingsi was caught in bed with a man!’

‘Yan Qingsi is going to jail!’

‘The infamous Yan Qingsi, daughter of a rich family among Luo City’s upperclassmen, had played herself to the point of no return!’

Every single reporter that Yan Ruke invited was in a frenzy.

The second daughter of Luo City’s Yan family was caught sleeping with her own uncle and the best part was that the male adulterer was none other than Yue Tingfeng.

No other man in Luo City was any more handsome or richer than him.

If that news managed to get out, it would make the headlines in less than a millisecond. The tussles and grudges between rich families were something that would catch public eyes.

The reporters’ excitement, however, was short-lived for they soon received an invitation from the Yue family’s bodyguards.

News of such magnitude was always covered up. When the reporters were allowed to leave, every single one of them had the same dejected expression. Their phones, cameras, and recording pens were all destroyed.

In Luo City, exposing a sex scandal that involved the young master of the Yue family was a near-impossible thing to do.

Yue Tingfeng wore some clothes that a butler sent over and watched as Yan Ruke cried her heart out in front of him. “Tingfeng, I know that it was Yan Qingsi who made the move on you. Apples never fall far from the tree. Her mother was a mistress and so is she. She’s the same as her dirty mother, they’re natural-born whores, skilled in seducing other men! My brother should never have brought her into the family… He should’ve left her to die on the streets.”

“I treated her well but she… She repaid me by doing all this. I was really blind. I never thought that she would be so evil.”

Yan Ruke was five-years older than Yan Qingsi but they looked similar to each other.

Yue Tingfeng watched as Yan Ruke gritted her teeth and cursed Yan Qingsi. There was no part of her that he found pleasant to the eye. He simply loathed her.

Previously, he regarded her to be aesthetically pleasing and obedient. It was because of that, she spread rumors about her being his fiancée. He was not bothered by it. After all, the rumor helped him avoid other troubles along the way.

At that moment, though, she looked as stupid as a sow yet she still tried to act as though she had brains. His eyes would have been defiled if he looked at her one more time.

Yue Tingfeng lifted Yan Ruke’s face by her chin. “I have no issues with hitting women. Cut your pretentious intelligence when you’re in front of me. You’re way behind your niece.”

Yan Ruke was stunned. “Tingfeng…”

“Get out.”

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