Chapter 301 - for Every Insult You Give Me, I’ll Return It a Hundredfold

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Chapter 301: for Every Insult You Give Me, I’ll Return It a Hundredfold

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Yan Qingsi’s thoughts were dark and ominous, she was not going to let this little b*tch get away with insulting her. ‘For every insult you give me, I’ll return it a hundredfold.’

The rest of the crew, including the director, all looked at Yan Qingsi in shock. They did not think that she would have been so vicious with her words. They glanced at Zhao Wenqi. If Yan Qingsi really did not have a needle in her hand, for Zhao Wenqi to insult herself would not be a big deal, but what about the slaps? Her face would be swollen by the end of it. Slapping herself in front of everybody, where would Zhao Wenqi’s dignity lie?

With a face full of worry, Lu Yunyun spoke, “Wenqi, why don’t… why don’t… we just call it quits… We… We’ll just say that today isn’t our day…”

It would have been better if Lu Yunyun did not say that. Upon hearing her suggesting that today just was not their day, Zhao Wenqi’s determination flared up.

Zhao Wenqi thought that the more Yan Qingsi said that, the more suspicious she seemed and was definitely just bluffing.

Zhao Wenqi lifted her chin in defiance. “Okay, I agree. Today is the day I’ll show everyone your pitiful, vulgar self. But if it was you, whatever you’ve just suggested, you’ll do to yourself.”

Yan Qingsi gave Lu Yunyun an uninterested look. This dumb c*nt Zhao Wenqi, she was being used by other people as a weapon and she deluded herself into thinking she was a hero. Lu Yunyun was truly a disgusting person, she purposely said that because she saw Zhao Wenqi hesitating, this woman…

Yan Qingsi honestly believed that Lu Yunyun was far more despicable than Xu Qianxi.

Yan Qingsi’s facial expressions were indifferent as she spoke, “Deal! If you want to slap yourself that badly, I don’t have any obligation to stop you! I’m no saint.”

Lu Yunyun seemed enthralled by the proceedings and Yan Qingsi laughed coldly. “Zhao Wenqi, you’re so dumb and I’m in a good mood, let me give you a word of advice: Don’t f*cking get duped to the point you die someday, and still thank them.”

Zhao Wenqi paused for a moment. “You… Enough talking. Stretch out your hand for everyone to see.”

Yan Qingsi looked at the surrounding crowd. “All of you, better keep your eyes open wide and have a good look.”

Zhan Wenqi, Lu Yunyun, and everyone present stared at Yan Qingsi. She slowly reached out her hands beneath the broad sleeves and lifted them slightly.

The costume’s sleeves were wide and following Yan Qingsi’s actions, they fell to her elbows revealing her slender, pale arms.

Yan Qingsi’s wrists were very small—her skin white as snow, fingers were long and delicate. Every one of them looked as though they were carved to perfect detail, underneath the sun they looked like jade, translucent and beautiful.

However, the most important thing was not her beautiful hands but that they held nothing. There was not even a hair in her hands, needless to say, a needle.

Zhao Wenqi could do nothing but gape.

Yan Qingsi’s lips curled in a smile as she glared at Zhao Wenqi. “So, you see, I’ve got nothing in my hands.”

Zhao Wenqi could not believe it. “That’s impossible! It must be on you, it must be! Where did you hide it, where did you hide it?”

Yan Qingsi rushed forward and ran her hands over the sleeves of Yan Qingsi’s robes. “You must have hidden the needle in your sleeves, you must have!”

Yan Qingsi’s lips tightened. “Then do you feel it? Everybody’s watching, it’s obvious, I don’t have the needle on me.”

Zhao Wenqi could not believe it. When Yan Qingsi scratched her, she could clearly feel that Yan Qingsi’s hand had more than one needle. They could not have just disappeared!

Yan Qingsi spoke lazily, “Director, Zhao Wenqi falsely accused me. And now, she’s still being unreasonable, aren’t you going to do something about it?”

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