Chapter 302 - I’m Shameless, I’m Despicable

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Chapter 302: I’m Shameless, I’m Despicable

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Yan Qingsi glanced at Zhao Wenqi who was still busy feeling the sleeves of her robes. “It’s all the same to me. But you’ve wasted everybody’s time, and from a viewpoint of a shoot, that’s not great, is it?”

Director Feng did not speak throughout the entire time. This affair of who scratched who, he had seen it all in his days of being a director but still could not understand it.

Zhao Wenqi was sure of herself, she was not lying; Yan Qingsi stood there unbothered, without any expression of guilt. Both of them looked like they were telling the truth but one of them had to be lying.

The liar was so good at acting that even he was convinced.

One could not reach a conclusion just by watching, so Director Feng shouted in anger, “Enough… Zhao Wenqi I’ll give you one last chance, if you’re still going to act so unreasonably, get out now. From today onward, don’t even dream of receiving any more projects.”

Zhao Wenqi was unable to accept reality. “Director, I’m telling the truth, Yan Qingsi must have hidden the needles!”

Yan Qingsi pulled her sleeves back from Zhao Wenqi and pushed her away. “Please. I’ve seen dumb people but I’ve never seen anyone as dumb as you. You’re already going to tear my sleeves at this rate and where are the needles? I couldn’t have swallowed them.”

Zhao Wenqi was so upset her eyes were red. “B*tch…”

Lu Yunyun saw that things were going south and rushed over to Zhao Wenqi’s side. “Wenqi, let it go… let it go… Director Feng is getting angry… just let it go.”

Yan Qingsi spoke coldly, “How can we just let this incident go, whatever was said just now was heard by everybody, Zhao Wenqi must keep her word.”

Director Feng spoke, black-faced, “Qingsi… don’t delay the shoot.”

“Of course I wouldn’t jeopardize the shoot, those slaps? We can do it after we wrap up.”

The director had nothing to say after Yan Qingsi said that. Their life and death would not his concern after the shoot.

Yan Qingsi glanced at Zhao Wenqi, whose face had gone pale, with no trace of the bluster she had a while ago.

Yan Qingsi arched her eyebrows. “Let’s begin the shoot.”

Lu Yunyun pushed Zhao Wenqi, snapping her out of her stupor. “Just finish the shoot first, or Director Feng will kick us out and we will be out of a job.”

Zhao Wenqi whispered, “Even if Director Feng doesn’t kick me out, Yue Tingfeng isn’t going to let me get away with this…”

Zhao Wenqi finished the shoot in a stupor. When it was over, Xiao Xu quickly pulled up a chair for Yan Qingsi and then reached out to stop Zhao Wenqi who was about to leave.

Yan Qingsi sat down. “Let’s begin.”

Zhao Wenqi’s face was pale as a ghost, Lu Yunyun’s eyes were red as she groveled. “Ms Qingsi, I’m sorry. We’ve wrongly accused you but please, let Wenqi go, please…”

“Don’t f*cking come crying all the time as though you were mistreated. I’m the one who was mistreated, the one who was accused, and you? She stuck out her neck for you, aren’t you going to share the burden with her?”

Lu Yunyun pained expression hardened. “I… I…”

Zhao Wenqi turned to look at her but Lu Yunyun was there swallowing her tongue, she did not dare to look back at her. No matter how gullible Zhao Wenqi was, she must have figured it out.

Zhao Wenqi’s face was cold. “I was willing to gamble on it and I’m willing to lose.”

Under the stare of everyone, Zhao Wenqi lifted her hand. “I’m shameless, I’m despicable… I’m shameless, I’m despicable…”

The sound of the slaps were unusually sharp to the ears. Lu Yunyun sobbed to one side as though she were innocent. This extremely wicked woman, whoever looked upon her would want to destroy her and do some justice on behalf of God.

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