Chapter 303 - Do You Enjoy Bullying Others?

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Chapter 303: Do You Enjoy Bullying Others?

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Yan Qingsi spoke indifferently, “Xiao Xu, keep count.”

“Mm…” Xiao Xu nodded.

People would always instinctually feel empathy for the weak. The cast did not leave, they all stood around and watched.

They looked at Zhao Wenqi with pity in their eyes while Lu Yunyun stood on one side and cried inconsolably. In contrast, Yan Qingsi sat there, a visage that suppressed all decency. Her face twisted into a sneer, everyone who looked at her could not help but to dislike her.

However, Yan Qingsi did not care, her lips curved and formed a cold smile. Was Zhao Wenqi really worth their pity? Perhaps she was—she was so pitifully gullible, being used by Lu Yunyun again and again. She was just cannon fodder.

Even if she were cannon fodder, she did so willingly because she was gullible.

Yan Qingsi had no reason to sympathize with somebody who willingly hurt themselves by being cannon fodder.

Whatever shenanigans they did were just minor inconveniences. Compared to Xu Qianxi and Yan Ruke, they were small fries. Even if that were so, it was difficult to get rid of people like that. Like a fly buzzing back and forth, one could ignore its trivial presence, but one could not ignore the buzzing sound—annoying all the same.

Yan Qingsi did not have that much mercy to extend to the likes of Zhao Wenqi—this was a lesson for her. If she had a smidgen of brains, this would wake her up. If she were to continue believing Lu Yunyun was a kind and innocent Snow White blindly, then there was no hope for her.

Zhao Wenqi was like a puppet, reciting her own insult with both her hands slapping her mouth. Her face was already swollen and her lips were split.

Xiao Xu had counted up to forty-six when Zeng Keren walked over—furious. “Yan Qingsi, do you have to be this ruthless? We’re all part of the same cast and crew, do you have to take it this far? Do you enjoy bullying others?”

Yan Qingsi gave Zeng Keren a sideways glance—her face impassive. “Yo, finally you can’t stand it and want to step up as a righteous hero.”

Zeng Keren opened her mouth but before she could speak, Yan Qingsi spoke and her tone was condescending. “Do you have the right to? Are you worthy?”

Zeng Keren was furious. “You…”

Yan Qingsi gave Zeng Keren a withering look of disdain. “I think you’re beneath them. At least they think of getting rid of me and have acted. What about you? You think about it but you dare not. You knew they were planning something, you thought of telling me, but you didn’t—defeated as you were by the darkness in your heart. When you saw me faint, you must have felt satisfied, didn’t you?”

Yan Qingsi’s eyes could see through people’s hearts. Yesterday morning Zheng Keren looked like she might say something many times but stopped herself each time. At the time Yan Qingsi had no idea what was going on but now that it was over, could she not have figured it out?

‘This woman is a joke,’ Yan Qingsi thought.

She was worse than Lu Yunyun and Zhao Wenqi. Thinking of evil but not doing it; thinking of being good but she was not all that good of a person.

Zeng Keren’s face flushed crimson, then turned pale. She originally wanted to be the hero but now she felt like she had nowhere to hide. She did not think that Yan Qingsi would have known—that she would have been able to see through her.

“Zeng Keren, people like you think of themselves as high and mighty princesses, thinking that they can get everyone’s sympathy. What are you worth, really?”

Yan Qingsi pointed at Lu Yunyun. “You’re not even on the same level as a treacherous b*itch who manipulates people and plays the Green Tea Bitch 1.”

In this lifetime, Yan Qingsi was never afraid of someone who was devious. ‘If you were devious, I’d just beat you at your own game.’

However, when it came to people like Zheng Keren, her only thought was to keep well away. ‘I won’t pay you any attention if you don’t come and bother me.’


Ch 303 Footnote 1

The meaning of this phrase refers to a lady who always looks innocent and virtuous, but in reality is a schemer.

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