Chapter 304 - Yan Qingsi, I Will Keep This Grudge.

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Chapter 304: Yan Qingsi, I Will Keep This Grudge.

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Yan Qingsi had already spoken this way and Zeng Keren could not take an insult. She turned around and stormed off. Yan Qingsi snorted as she left. Just that much and she thought she could be the savior of the world?

Yan Qingsi glanced over at Zhao Wenqi, her face was severely swollen. She sighed and blew at a loose strand of hair. “Enough. Just hold the unfinished ones on a tab. I’ll come and collect when I feel like it.”

Xiao Xu immediately went and grabbed Zhao Wenqi’s arm. Her eyes were blank, she looked like she had already broken down.

Yan Qingsi stood and looked coldly at Lu Yunyun. She blabbered for a moment and retreated a step.

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes. These people did not worth the trouble of taking action.

She looked at Zhao Wenqi. “I’m in a good mood today and you’ve had it quite bad. I’ll give you a word of advice, it’s up to you whether you want to listen.

“Zhao Wenqi, have some brains next time. Your mom brought you into this world not to let you be manipulated by other people. If you don’t think it through and you let other people use you as ammunition, then at least point the muzzle at people who have no backbone. You can’t keep up with people who are as devious and ruthless as me.”

Yan Qingsi beckoned to Xiao Xu and left.

“Yan Qingsi, I’ll keep this grudge. This doesn’t end here…”

Zhao Wenqi’s hoarse voice sounded out from behind Yan Qingsi but Yan Qingsi did not even look back. Her only reply was, “Whatever, the next time you come at me, try something more sophisticated. These cheap tricks won’t even worth my response.”

For Zhao Wenqi to bear a grudge was predictable. If it were Yan Qingsi in her position, Qingsi would kill the entire family of whoever had dared to insult her like that.

Only after Yan Qingsi left did Lu Yunyun dare to approach Zhao Wenqi. She clutched her hand and sobbed. “Wenqi, I’m so sorry… are you okay? Does it hurt? It’s all my fault, I’m sorry… It’s not that I didn’t want to help you, I was afraid if I… helped you, would she treat you even worse?”

Lu Yunyun was crying with her breath heaving, as though she had been grievously hurt. Tears streamed down her face and her eyes were puffy, she looked so pitiful.

Zhao Wenqi’s face was already numb as she looked hard at Lu Yunyun, her crying could still make one’s heartache just like before.

“I’ve just noticed, you always look so weak and frail as though you’re always mistreated by others. I always thought I could protect you. But… now, should I not be the one crying?”

“Wenqi, you…” Lu Yunyun immediately stopped crying.

Zhao Wenqi shoved Lu Yunyun’s hand away and stalked off.

Xiao Xu was helping Yan Qingsi remove her makeup when she said, “Be careful, in case you prick yourself.”


Yan Qingsi reached up to feel around the chignon of her wig and pulled out five or six needles.

The traditional dressing had its’ benefits. In the intricate braids of the chignon had no problem supporting a few strings of beads, it also had its value when it comes to hiding a few small needles within.

“Miss… you… you’re really amazing,” Xiao Xu said in awe, quickly putting away the needles.

Not long after, Lu Yunyun—her eyes red—and a few other actresses walked in. The dared not utter a sound as soon as they saw Yan Qingsi.

Lu Yunyun lowered her head and looked like an oppressed little girl.

After watching Lu Yunyun sit down and take a bottle of makeup remover, Yan Qingsi smiled evilly. ‘Today they are making a new dish, and it is called cold, spicy meat 1.’

This little b*tch, Yan Qingsi had no intention of letting her get away with it.


Ch 304 Footnote 1

Probably a reference to the English saying that revenge is a dish best served cold.

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