Chapter 306 - Come Along, Uncle

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Chapter 306: Come Along, Uncle

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Xiao Xu screamed out of fear and pulled Yan Qingsi back.

The person in the fancy car did not get out. Yan Qingsi approached it and kicked the door angrily. “You c*nt, so what if you own a fancy car… You nearly ran into a person, do you not know that you should come out and apologize?”

The car window was rolled down and Jin Xuechu’s handsome face appeared.

Yan Qingsi lifted her hand as she was about to hit the window. Her hand was left in the air and she looked at him in shock. “How could it be you? Didn’t you leave already?”

Jin Xuechu bent over to grab something before opening the car door to get out.

Yan Qingsi glanced at what was in his arms and she froze. God… it was a bouquet of roses—a huge one.

What was Jin Xuechu trying to do? He was the king of the entertainment industry and there were people coming back and forth in Jing City. Everyone was watching them. In this day and age where the internet is so easily accessible… If someone took a photo and put it online, then…

Jin Xuechu saw the dent on the car door and flinched a little.

However, he was here to get a girl, there was no need to bother about such trivial details.

Jin Xuechu smiled. “I’m here to pay you a visit. Didn’t people say that one would be the most emotionally vulnerable when one’s sick? I thought that if I tried harder now, I might make you feel something for me.”

Jin Xuechu was planning to leave but he felt that since he was already here, why should he leave that quickly? He was not someone who would give in easily and it was not easy to meet a woman that he liked. Why should he give up because of Yue Tingfeng?

Yan Qingsi felt the pain in her head. “Tsk… I think we’ve been doing good as friends…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Jin Xuechu said, “It wasn’t easy for me to come all the way to give you this bouquet of flowers, you should at least take it.”

Jin Xuechu shoved the bouquet in Xiao Xu’s hands. “Xiao Xu, hold this.”

The bouquet was already in Xiao Xu’s arms before he could realize what was going on.

Jin Xuechu put his arm around Yan Qingsi’s shoulders and said, “It’s dinner time, let me take you to dinner. The doctor said you’re malnourished. Actresses like you like to go on a diet, you don’t have to do that…”

Yan Qingsi said, “Sigh, wait…”

Just as she was talking, a two-wheel electric car parked right in front of Jin Xuechu’s Ferrari. The person who was in the car almost made Yan Qingsi laugh out loud. ‘Is this guy here to compete?’

Yue Tingfeng put his feet on the ground for support, his long legs could make anyone be jealous of him. His eyes landed on Jin Xuechu’s arm. “Are you going to dinner? Where are you going, take me with you. I don’t have money right now, I could use a free meal with you guys. King Jin you’re so rich, you wouldn’t turn me down, would you?”

Jin Xuechu was stunned for a while but he did not let go of Yan Qingsi. “Mr. Yue is such a joker, you could put out a billion dollars in funding and buying over a company if you wanted to, it’s like buying a toy for you. How could you be lacking food?”

Yue Tingfeng glared at Yan Qingsi. “Of course I am, I’m lacking a dinner with my rival.”

Yan Qingsi rubbed her forehead. “Everyone, shut up, I’m buying dinner. If anyone else makes noise, he’s leaving.”

“What are you talking about? This looks like a party, can I join?” Qin Jingzhi’s voice was heard out of nowhere. No one knew when he came over.

Yue Tingfeng said coldly, “No.”

Yan Qingsi thought to herself, ‘Haha, this is going to be fun.’ She nodded and said, “Come along, uncle.”

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