Chapter 311 - You’re Mine from Now On, and Only Mine

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Chapter 311: You’re Mine from Now On, and Only Mine

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Yan Qingsi laughed as her cheeks blushed. Her hair was messy, and her gaze was distant. She was a seductive little witch under the waning light. She leaned over and her collar was wide open in front of Yue Tingfeng. He looked at her—no wonders of the world could beat this moment.

Yan Qingsi’s short fingernails grazed Yue Tingfeng’s neck and numbed him.

Yan Qingsi’s voice was a little raspy. “It’s okay, I’m not human when I’m easy.”

Under similar circumstances, any man would have turned himself into a predator and push this woman down… Although Yue Tingfeng felt bodily responses toward the moment, he had learned the hard way from the last time and so he said, “Why do I feel this uneasy then?”

Yan Qingsi was blinded by alcohol and felt an adrenaline rush in her. She clenched onto Yue Tingfeng’s chin and said, “Eh, why are you talking so much of bull… Are you even a man…”

Yue Tingfeng’s neck stiffened. “Of course…”

Yan Qingsi looked at him with a tilted head and said after a while, “If so, then show me!”

Yue Tingfeng’s heart felt as if a bullet shot at it. “These are your words, you are not allowed to… ugh…”

Yue Tingfeng’s mouth was stopped. Yan Qingsi’s hands were on top of his wrists and their fingers intertwined as her hands gradually slid onto his palms.

That kiss increased both their body temperature while the heat from the alcohol brewed within them both.

It was as if Yan Qingsi had lost control of her brain due to the alcohol. That night, she wanted to let loose.

Yan Qingsi bit Yue Tingfeng’s lips and mumbled, “At this moment, actions speak louder than words…”

If Yue Tingfeng did not do anything to her, he would feel as if he was emasculated. “Don’t you dare regret this tomorrow, no matter what you say, I will never let you be.”

Yan Qingsi’s hands went under his t-shirt. “You’re talking this much, is it because you can’t do it anymore?”


Yue Tingfeng turned over and pinned Yan Qingsi down under him. “You would think that I’m useless if I didn’t show you what I’m made of… I just didn’t want to stoop to your level.”

Yue Tingfeng stripped himself speedily—the pile of clothes on the floor got bigger.

Yue Tingfeng’s eyes were lit with fire—the fire was strong and fierce, it was as if it could instantly burn Yan Qingsi to ashes. She felt a little hot all of a sudden and struggled a little.

Yue Tingfeng pinned her down tightly and did not let her move.

He lowered his head to kiss Yan Qingsi on her lips as he split her legs apart.

The shadows on the curtain were intertwined. The temperature in the room was rapidly increasing.

Everything that happened that night came as a surprise and yet, it felt right.

“Yan Qingsi, I’m not an easy person. Doing it once makes it an accident, do it twice and it will be intentional, and now that it’s the third time… don’t you f*cking dare to tell me you have nothing to do with me. From now on… you’re mine and only mine. If you sleep around with anyone else, I will not forgive you.”

Yan Qingsi squinted while looking at the man on top of her. Droplets of sweat fell off his jaw and dripped onto her chest.

This man was good looking, but… who could she ever belong to?

Yan Qingsi thought about the horrible things she had done and there were more horrible things that she had planned to do, who knew what would be her ending?

Yan Qingsi extended her arm and wrapped it around Yue Tingfeng like a vine. “What’s with you thinking about these things? We have a long night ahead of us.”

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