Chapter 314 - You Mean Nothing to Her

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Chapter 314: You Mean Nothing to Her

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Yue Tingfeng was driven mad by his own mother. He said with emphasis, “I said no, no, no, it’s me who needs to do something… I’ll be back soon.”

Madam Yue doubted him. “What’s the matter?”

“Stop asking, I’ll tell you later.”

Madam Yue spread her arms. “Go then, after you’re gone I’ll knock on her door again.”

Yue Tingfeng’s brain hurt. Was his own mother here to embarrass him thoroughly?

He grabbed Madam Yue by her hand and dragged her outside. “You’re coming with me then.”

After taking a few steps, he turned around to say to the trio who was outside the door, “If anyone of you dares to knock on that door…try me!”

Little Xu, Helan Xiuse, and Aunt Wu all shook their heads in unison.

Ten minutes later, Yue Tingfeng parked his car in front of a pharmacy and said, “Mom, wait in the car. I’ll be back soon.”

Madam Yue looked at the banner of the pharmacy and laughed. “You’re getting morning-after pills?”

Yue Tingfeng blushed. “Mom… you’ve said that your brain capacity isn’t enough — stop trying to be smart when you shouldn’t be then.”

Madam Yue scoffed. “You volunteered to get it, or did Yan Qingsi make you rush here to get it?”

“Of course it was me…” Yue Tingfeng could not finish his sentence. Could he say that he was truly chased out of the room?

Madam Yue sighed and shook her head. “You were really chased out to buy this, tsk… Son, what do I do with you?”

Yue Tingfeng stopped himself while he was opening the door. “Mom, what is that expression?”

Madam Yue flicked Yue Tingfeng on his head. “You’re too excited. When someone chases you out to buy the pill, she does not want to have your child. Son, although you look alright and you have some money, she doesn’t want to have your kids anyway. You see, you’re not doing well with her then — she doesn’t even bother to use a baby to get your money and status.”

Yue Tingfeng was stunned. “But… but… there’s nothing wrong with that, we can’t really… let a pregnancy happen, can we?”

Madam Yue could not help but rolled her eyes at Yue Tingfeng. “Even though that is a popular saying, but this means that, son, you mean nothing to her, look at how much of a failure you are.”

“Then… I…”

Madam Yue waved her hand. “Fine, fine… You’re a horrible person anyway, if she really gave her heart to you, that would be a pity.”

Yue Tingfeng left the car confused. The temperature outside the car was nearing 30 degrees, and he was feeling blur under the heat.

He walked into the pharmacy, and the store clerk asked, “Sir, what are you looking for?”

Yue Tingfeng did not respond. The clerk had to ask him the same question for another two times before he finally snapped out of it. “Oh… that… uh… your best morning-after pills.”

The clerk’s gaze at him changed instantly as a box of morning-after pills was pulled out.

“These pills can’t be consumed regularly, it will be bad for the body.”

Yue Tingfeng simply nodded, paid for the box and left. Just as he reached the door, he stopped himself and turned around. “Get me another…”

Madam Yue watched Yue Tingfeng come out with the pills and pursed her lips. As a woman herself, she despised men who gave morning-after pills to women. It was easy for him to take off his pants, but it was the woman who had to take such pills after.

“Pfft… even though you’ve been arrogant at home, you’ve still been taken advantage of.”

Rich Man Yan, “Is my love for her that ugly? Mom… tone down the insults in front of my girl.

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