Chapter 316 - He Paid Off Debt by Sleeping with Me

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Chapter 316: He Paid Off Debt by Sleeping with Me

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yan Qingsi smiled and said, “This is just an accident, there will be no next time…”

Last night was really an accident for Yan Qingsi. She could only blame it on the drinks.

A person that has been lonely for quite a while would want to find some sort of comfort. Perhaps… Yue Tingfeng triggered the unknown yesterday night.

Mrs. Yue saw Yan Qingsi looked all calm and indifferent even though she got caught in the bed. Yan Qingsi also did not act lovey-dovey with her son in front of her.

Mrs. Yue sighed silently in her heart. She knew this woman had no intention to marry her son.

This sort of girl was hard to find… Came to think of it, it was really hard on Yan Qingsi. She had to work alone far away from home and yet the son was messing around with her.

Mrs. Yue thought for a while and said something she did not mean, “Mm… This… Look, my son is such a good man. He can’t be sleeping with you without a commitment…”

Yan Qingsi poured a glass of water, dumped the pill into her mouth and swallowed it down her throat with some water.

“Auntie, you saw that I was actually providing for your son. He is staying at my place. I feed him three meals a day, even the t-shirt he is wearing is mine. I’ve only slept with him once and that should recover some of the debts.”

Mrs. Yue was astounded. She opened her mouth and did not know what to say.

What Yan Qingsi said was true. Mrs. Yue was puzzled. Her son was normally quite generous but why did he become such a tight person? She was rather embarrassed in front of Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi looked at the time and knew that she had got to go. She thought about it and smile. “Not to worry. I’ll not cling onto your son and I’ve never thought of marrying him, so you don’t have to test me out. You can always go ahead to find him a wife… But, maybe not Yan Ruke. However, I must say that I’m rather attractive. If your son holds on to me, I can’t do anything about it, can I? I really have to go. Why not you wait here for your son?” she said straightforwardly.

Mrs. Yue was shocked. “Hey, where are you going?”

She wanted to say that she was not testing her out just then.

Yan Qingsi got her bag and replied, “I’m going to the film set. I’ve shootings today.”

She woke up so late in the morning and was running extremely late for the shootings. The director was probably so furious that he could almost kill her.

Mrs. Yue said, “But you haven’t got anything to eat?”

“I’m not eating. I’m used to it already. Make use of your trip here. If you want to visit the film set, let Xiao Xu know about it, he can make an arrangement. I’ll go now.”

Mrs. Yue tried to stop Yan Qingsi. “Wait… hang on.”

“Is there anything I can help?”

“Last time… that incident, really thank you. This… this is for you.” Mrs. Yue was a bit uneasy. She took out something from her bag and gave it to Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi was surprised. “It’s alright. Yue Tingfeng thanked me already.”

Mrs. Yue rubbed her nose. “That was given by him. Not me. Now… I’ve given this to you. It’s up to you to keep it or not. I can’t owe you the favor.”

Yan Qingsi kept the gift box in her bag and said, “Well, in that case, I’ll accept. It. Thank you very much.”

As Yan Qingsi walked out of the door, Mrs. Yue could not help and added a line, “Actually, my son is not that bad. Even though he is a bit messy and naughty but he has a really good look…”


Rich Man Yue: Mom, are you sure you are helping me? Why don’t you save your breath and let me do the work?

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