Chapter 317 - I’ve Never Seen Someone Cuter than Her

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Chapter 317: I’ve Never Seen Someone Cuter than Her

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Hearing that, Yan Qingsi laughed out loud amusingly. She probably had not seen anyone cuter than Mrs. Yue in her life.

She turned around and nodded in agreement. “Yes, you’re absolutely right. Some of the time, he’s really not that bad…”

“Hey, and you…”

“Please don’t say anymore. Everyone knows what sort of person I am. He and I… we’re just having fun. None of us can afford to take it seriously. Thank you for not judging me through colored lenses like everyone else.” Yan Qingsi interrupted Mrs. Yue.


“I’m going.”

Mrs. Yue sighed as she watched Yan Qingsi left and closed the door behind her. She was in fact in dilemma. ‘Yan Qingsi, this lady came from complicated family background and tend to bottle up her feelings. The truth is, she is not a good match for my son. But then, my son is all over her. And… I kinda like her.’

However, there was no need for Mrs. Yue to be worried because Yan Qingsi was simply not interested.

Mrs. Yue was observing Yan Qingsi’s room. There was nothing much in the room. She had more cosmetics stuff than Yan Qingsi. Besides that, there were her son’s belongings.

Mrs. Yue pouted in deep thoughts. She knew her son inside out. He was such a finicky and fastidious person, almost to the point of a perfectionist. Yet, he could make himself comfortable living in Yan Qingsi’s place. He did not complain even though he got kicked out of the room over and over again. What did it say? Everyone could see through this except her son—the confused boy.

Actually, it was not a bad thing if her son could settle down and live a happy life.

That lady was not that bad after all.

Yue Tingfeng came back and noticed his mom was alone. “Mom, where’s the person?”

Mrs. Yue replied in a darkened face, “Ain’t I a person?”

“No, I meant, where’s she?”

“She went to the film set.”

Yue Tingfeng put down some of the things he bought and told his mom, “Mom, have something to eat. I’ll head to the film set.”

“Why are you going there?”

Without hesitation, Yue Tingfeng answered, “I’m going to send her some food. You don’t know about this but she fainted a few days ago. The doctor said she is malnourished and fatigue. She also has a severe stomach problem. It’s not good for her to not have breakfast. Moreover, it’s really hot today. I’m afraid that she might not be able to stand it.”

Mrs. Yue stared at Yue Tingfeng with wide eyes. She could not believe those words coming out from her son’s mouth. She was very touched that her son had finally learned to take care of others and not be selfish.

Yue Tingfeng’s personality was flawed because he grew up without a father figure. His father was not by his side most of the time and hence, he did not get to experience the fatherly love. No matter how much love or attention was given to him by the people around him, something was still missing in him. He did not know love and was somewhat cold-blooded and hostile.

Back in his younger days, Mrs. Yue was always in fear and worried. He was a troubled teenager that got into fights almost every day, especially when he was in high school. Things changed for a bit better as he grew older and got better in self-control but he was still cold and distant. He was aloof and never cared for anyone. She finally got to see this day coming, the day that he changed so much.

Mrs. Yue said softly, “Son, have you ever thought why did you care so much for her? What does your heart say? You have to seize the chance.”

Yue Tingfeng was startled for a moment. Then he nodded. “I know, mom. I’ll think about it. Go rest in the room. Oh yeah… what did she say to you?”

Mrs. Yue blinked her eyes and answered, “Nothing much. I was telling her that my son is not bad and why not she considers you. Oh, then, she agreed that you were indeed not bad… sometimes.”

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