Chapter 318 - You Took My Son’s Woman

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Chapter 318: You Took My Son’s Woman

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Mrs. Yue did not tell the truth. After consideration, she did not want to give her son a blow. She could not bring herself to tell him that he should give up and move on.

Yue Tingfeng questioned her skeptically, “Are you sure that you are not pulling my leg?”

Mrs. Yue harrumphed, “Get lost. Who do you think I am?”

“I’ll be thankful if you don’t get me in trouble.” Yue Tingfeng smiled as he walked away with the food.

“Little bastard,” Mrs. Yue chided.

In the afternoon, Mrs. Yue and Helan Xiuse visited Yan Qingsi at the film set.

Helan Xiuse commented on Yan Qingse’s costume enthusiastically. “Wow… Sis Qingsi, you look absolutely gorgeous!” she praised.

She took her phone out to take some pictures but was stopped by Xiao Xu. “No, you can’t do that. We have made a non-disclosure agreement. We’re not allowed to leak any information to the public before the official publishing date. I brought you here today as a visiting family member. The director would sack me if he found out.”

Helan Xiuse put down the phone and ranted glumly, “Alright. I won’t do it then. What’s wrong with me just taking a photo and not publicizing it?”

Mrs. Yue frowned. “Xiuse, don’t be unreasonable. It’s a rule set by the crews…”

Helan Xiuse pressed her lips together and nodded. She was obedient. “Sorry, auntie. I was wrong.”

Qin Jingzhi came over during break time. “Cousin sister, why are you here?”

Mrs. Yue felt guilty when she saw Qin Jingzhi. After all, it was her son who made her do such an embarrassing act. She laughed sheepishly, “I… I’m here for holiday.”

“There are indeed some places in Jing City to explore. Let me take you out for dinner tonight.”

Mrs. Yue did not want to talk much to Qin Jingzhi. “No… There’s no need for that. You should get on with your busy schedule.”

Qing Jinzhi smiled and said, “My grandma is always bored at home. Please invite her when you play cards.”

Mrs. Yue bit her tongue. “Oh…haha… alright.”

“Oh right, I told my grandma that I would bring a girl home for the New Year celebration. What do you think of that girl, cousin sister?” Qin Jingzhi pointed at Yan Qingsi.

Mrs. Yue was bug-eyed. Oh my goodness. Now I know why my son wanted to set him up. He was trying to steal the girl from my son.

Mrs. Yue’s guilt only lasted for a few seconds. What I did to you was nothing compared to you stealing my son’s girl.

If she had known sooner, she would have played it up more when she showed the photo to Old Lady Qin. Tsk, what I did was too mild.

Mrs. Yue pretended to take a long hard look and commented seriously, “That one… I don’t think she is suitable. Look at her. She looks like a vixen. If you bring her home, your grandma would have a heart attack. You came from a family of scholars, you have to get a decent young lady to be a good match. This girl is really pretty but your grandma and parents would never approve of her.”

Qin Jingzhi smiled gracefully. He patiently listened to Mrs. Yue’s opinion before pointing out, “Really? Did you know that Yue Tingfeng is going after this lady as well?”

Mrs. Yue nodded. “Of course I knew about it. I even saw them together in bed this morning. I was so embarrassed. How could the youngsters be so shameless? They told me that I might be a grandma in a few months’ time…”


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