Chapter 319 - This Is My Son’s Woman, You Don’t Stand a Chance

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Chapter 319: This Is My Son’s Woman, You Don’t Stand a Chance

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Qin Jingzhi was lost for words instantly. He knew his cousin was naive and not very smart.

All of a sudden, why did he feel like she is exceptionally intelligent? She was just saying how Yan Qingsi would not be well accepted among the Qins. The next second, she said she saw Yue Tingfeng and Yan Qingsi in bed.

It was almost as if Mrs. Yue was saying, “This is my son’s woman, you have no chance, so stay away.”

Qin Jingzhi wanted to laugh but he found it difficult. He asked, “Cousin sister, what do you mean? Why is there a double standard? You told me that Yan Qingsi looks like a vixen and would not be welcomed at home. Do you like her?”

With a dismissive wave of her hand, Mrs. Yue said, “Sigh, you knew that I was never able to dictate what my son has decided. He is such a strong-headed person. As long as he likes her, it doesn’t really matter if I like her too. Moreover… their relationship has developed to this stage, What more can I say? I would be contented if Tingfeng can get married soon and build his own family. So if he likes this girl, nothing else really matters.”

The corner of Qin Jingzhi’s lips twisted. Why did it sound like Yue Tingfeng and Yan Qingsi were a couple? He would be the third wheel if he tried to go in between them.

A sense of tightness crept onto his chest. He asked, “The Yue is also an aristocrat family. Would you be able to accept her?”

“My family is different from yours. I’m more open-minded and I have always let my kids decide their own future.”

Qin Jingzhi smiled slyly, “After all, they are not married yet. Who knows what will happen at the end.”

Mrs. Yue smiled and said, “Oh, maybe Yan Qingsi would be pregnant in a few months’ time. Our family is more open-minded. We can accept having a baby being a wedding.”

Qin Jingzhi began to fidget with his finger. “This is only a speculation. We are all standing at the starting point, fighting fairly for our chance. I am curious. Aren’t you worried about bringing a scourge into the family? Yan Qingsi is known for her bad temper, many from the crew don’t like her.”

Mrs. Yue patted Qin Jingzhi on his back and said, “Not a problem. I am not worried at all. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning but you have calmed my nerves. Would she be that bad if she could catch your eyes? I might not trust my son’s taste, I totally have faith in you.”

That almost made Qin Jingzhi vomited blood. Did she just use his standard to pick her daughter-in-law?

He felt that he could not carry on the conversation with Mrs. Yue happily. How could someone that was once sweet and naive had become so cunning? Every word that she uttered made him speechless.

“Cousin sister, I’ll head off to continue filming. Let’s talk tonight.”

Mrs. Yue waved her hand. “Go on. Go on.”

Qin Jingzhi drew a deep breath and walked away.

The affable smile on Mrs. Yue disappeared as she snorted.

Who would have thought that Qin Jingzhi would be stealing someone’s girlfriend? Mrs. Yue believed that Yan Qingsi must be a good girl to be so well sought after by her admirers.

Came to think about it, his son did have good standards.

When Mrs. Yue saw the charming look and charismatic personality of Qin Jingzhi and got reminded of her own son, she could not help it but shooked her head in low spirit.

Helan Fangnian was easy whereas Qin Jingzhi was an all-rounder. Besides his slightly older age and a lesser good looking appearance compared to Yue Tingfeng, Qin Jingzhi was way better than Yue Tingfeng in every other aspect.

All the young girls liked that sort of matured and charming man. Mrs. Yue could feel the threat coming.

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