Chapter 321 - The Little Scheme of Mother Yue

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Chapter 321: The Little Scheme of Mother Yue

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Yue Tingfeng paced around outside the door for a while before heading to his room reluctantly.

After a shower, Yan Qingsi hopped onto the bed and laid down.

Mrs. Yue said in a judgingly manner, “You’re an actress. Could you at least take better care of yourself?”

Yan Qingsi turned around in the bed and asked, “Auntie, what do you mean to take better care?”

“For goodness sake, use a face mask. You’ve been under the sun all day. Aren’t you gonna put on a face mask before bed?”

Yan Qingsi answered with closed eyes, “I don’t have a habit to put on a face mask at night. I am so knackered after work and couldn’t wait to dive into my bed and sleep right away. Do you believe that I can fall asleep within three seconds?”

Three seconds after she finished, she was almost in deep sleep.

Mrs. Yue shook her head. She went on to wash up herself and intended to perform her skincare routine, then, she realized that she was not in her room.

Luckily, she had two pieces of face mask in her handbag. She put on her own mask and glanced at Yan Qingsi… She had an idea!

Yan Qingsi was sleeping soundly until suddenly a cold mask touched her face. She woke up and opened up her eyes wide. She saw that Mrs. Yue’s face was only a few inches away from hers and got a shock.

She gasped and took in a huge gulp of air. “Oh my, auntie…”

Mrs. Yue reach out to smooth out the edges of the mask on Yan Qingsi’s face and declared, “Ok, go on and sleep.”

Yan Qingsi stretched out her hand and touched her face. She pouted—how could she sleep with this on her face?

That night, she felt warm in her heart. She had never thought that someone would ever put on a face mask for her.

Mrs. Yue tapped her face lightly and laid down. She asked casually, “You’re filming together with Qin Jingzhi. What do you think about him? I’m his cousin sister. I just want to know how is he.”

Yan Qingsi replied, “He is quite good. The crew members like him a lot. He is very polite and most importantly, he is good looking.”

Mrs. Yue’s heart sank. ‘Polite’ was never a word to describe her son.

Mrs. Yue cleared her throat. “I saw him today. I’m concerned about him.”


“Though he is quite old now, he is still not married. His family is worried sick. Before I came here, I was at his house playing cards with his grandma. I was told by his grandma that they are speculating if Qin Jingzhi is gay. Otherwise, why would he not have any scandal after so many years in the industry? His grandma has a photo of him hugging another man. They looked very close.”

Yan Qingsi’s eyes were frozen wide open in surprise—that was breaking news. “Is that true?” she asked curiously.

Mrs. Yue nodded in affirmation. “Yes, it’s true. His grandma told me many times that if I happen to see suitable girls, please introduce them to Qin Jingzhi. She wants to set him up for a blind date.”

Yan Qingsi shook her head in disbelief. “Never have I thought about it…”

She shuddered at the thought of Qin Jingzhi flirted with her a couple of times before. ‘Could he really be gay? Mrs. Yue is so kind and they’re related, there is no need for her to speak ill of him.’

Tsk, tsk… she had never, ever thought about him that way.

Mrs. Yue bobbed her head in consensus. “Yeah, I’ve never thought about him to be like that too. What if it’s true that he is gay? Any girl that married him will be so unlucky. I’ve heard the interviews of some wives of gay people before. They only found out that their husbands were gay after they’ve gotten married, those poor girls…”

“Auntie, you are right.”

Mrs. Yue moved closer to Yan Qingsi—like best friends having pillow talk. “That’s why when Old Lady Qin asked me for help, I could only try my best to push away the responsibility. I can’t bear to hurt the girl. It would be a relief if it’s not true. But what if it’s true?”

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