Chapter 322 - I’ll Forgive You If You Jump Down from the Twenty-eighth Floor

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Chapter 322: I’ll Forgive You If You Jump Down from the Twenty-eighth Floor

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Yan Qingsi nodded her head profusely. “Auntie, you’re so right. That’s so smart of you.”

Mrs. Yue blushed at the unexpected compliment. “I don’t think that my son is perfect but at least he doesn’t have a sexual orientation issue. Think about it, he is quite good, isn’t he?”

“True…” Yan Qingsi agreed.

That night, Mrs. Yue and Yan Qingsi chatted until two to three in the morning.

The friendship among ladies was built on shopping sessions and mutual sharing of secrets. After a long night chat, they both grew very close.

At daybreak, Yan Qingsi went to the film set with panda eyes. Mrs. Yue knocked on Yue Tingfeng’s room door. “Son, mom has done a lot for you. You’ve to grab the chance and strike.”

During filming, Yan Qingsi saw Qin Jingzhi and gave him the weird look.

Qin Jingzhi grew uncomfortable at her stare. A few days later, the filming came to an end. He wanted to talk to Yan Qingsi but was avoided. He was perplexed at the cold shoulder given by her.

At the party to celebrate the wrap, all the crew members came together to take photos. After that, Yan Qingsi flew back to Luo City on the same day.

Yue Tingfeng had a company to manage. For obvious reasons, it was impossible for him to stay at Jing City all the time, so he went home with Mrs. Yue two days ago.

It was already eleven at night when Yan Qingsi touched down. Lil’ Xu asked, with the luggage in his hands, “Sis, where are we going?”

Standing at the exit of Luo City’s airport, Yan Qingsi had no idea where to go. Luo City was huge but she did not have a place to go. The house at Splendid Residence was then Yue Tingfeng’s. Could she possibly call a hotel home?

After much contemplation, Yan Qingsi said, “Let’s go back to Splendid Residence… I need to get a place of my own soon.”

Lil’ Xu wanted to console Yan Qingsi but did not know what to say.

The cab stopped at the entrance of Splendid Residence and Yan Qingsi stepped out of the car.

Instantaneously, someone called out her name, “Qingsi…”

The voice was somewhat familiar. The expressions in Yan Qingsi’s eyes turned cold. She turned around slowly and saw the person behind her.

“Qingsi… I’m dad.” Yan Songnan looked at Yan Qingsi, his eyes filled with the gentle love of a fatherly look.

Yan Qingsi almost puke, gentle father… Haha…

He must have wanted something from her with the sudden change of behavior.

The security guard poked his head out of the window and asked, “Miss Yan, is this your father? He is here every day for more than a week already.”

Yan Qingsi gave him a quick and shallow smile. “Thank you.”

“Lil’ Xu, you bring the luggage up,” said Yan Qingsi, she handed the key over to Lil’ Xu.

Yan Qingsi took Yan Songnan to a gazebo in the community. It was dark around them. Only a few street lights illuminating the area.

“Qingsi, how are you doing? Dad misses you a lot. The entertainment industry is a complicated place, I am worried that you might be struggling.” Yan Songnan gazed fondly at her, he looked genuinely caring for her, without pretentious.

Yan Qingsi scoffed coldly. “Let me see. What’s the weather like today that blew you here. Yan Songnan, you are such a weirdo. Just how much overnight food you have to take to talk like that?”

“Qingsi, dad knows that you hate me a lot. Some of the things were totally out of my control. We tend to make mistakes when we were young. All these years, I was living in guilt. I hope you can give me a chance to change.”

Yan Qingsi nodded and smiled. “Oh right. Your mistakes have cost mom’s life. I tell you what, it’s easy for me to forgive you. This building is twenty-eight stories high, go up and jump down from the top then I shall forgive you.”


Rich Man Yan: Mom, you can take my knees. Next time, I’ll protect you if you kill your rival.

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