Chapter 324 - : If You Live, Then She Shall Die

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Chapter 324: If You Live, Then She Shall Die

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Yan Songnan was panic-stricken, his face reflected such odious look that Yan Qingsi felt disgusted looking at him.

“In one way, I’m very much like you, equally despicable. I’ve told you before, I’d never let anyone of you go easily, none of you. So what if you are my father? When I take revenge against you, you will die a painful death like mom.”

Yan Qingsi stood up. “I’m not interested in listening to your intention being here today. I won’t help you. Get lost and don’t let me see you ever again!”

Yan Songnan saw her hurried away and cried out, “Do you really think I do not have any evidence of you teaming up with Tang Yuyao? You have made me penniless, what more do you want from me? I didn’t report you to the police because of you being my daughter. Don’t you be unreasonable.”

Yan Qingsi jeered, “Let the police do their work should you have evidence. Anyway, it’s not the first time you let the police come after me.”

“Let’s make a deal. You help me and I’ll hand over the evidence.”

“Not interested…”

“Yan Ruke wants to seek revenge on you. Are you not interested to know?”

Yan Qingsi turned around slowly. “Tell me what you’ve got.”

“Tang Yuyao, that bit*h embezzled all the money in my company. The Industry and Commerce Bureau will be coming over to audit my company account. I…”

Yan Qingsi did not wait for him to finish. “How much do you need?”

“One… one hundred million.”

“Wow, Yan Songnan, you really surprised me. Never thought that you would embezzle one hundred million. The most Tang Yuyao could get out of it was just forty million. Seems like I’ve underestimated you.”

Without any other options, Yan Songnan came to ask help from Yan Qingsi. Besides Yue Tingfeng, no one else could have possibly been able to come up with one hundred million in cash at such short notice. “I know you are very close to Yue Tingfeng, this amount of money is petty to him. As promised, I’ll tell you what Ruke is plotting against you,” he said.

Yan Qingsi replied with disdain, “Is that what you have to exchange for one hundred million? It’s not interesting at all. How dare you come over to look for me? I think you came to die.”

“What more do you want? I can promise you anything.” Yan Songnan was at a dead end. Yan Qingsi was his only hope.

Yan Qingsi’s eyes rolled as she was deep in thoughts. “If you want me to help, then you have to fulfill a couple of my requests.”

“Tell me, tell me…”

‘Slap!’ Yan Qingsi killed a mosquito. “I heard that Yan Mingzhu’s mental health is getting out-of-control, she started throwing things and screaming around at home. I do pity her as a sister. The Luo City Mental Hospital is quite prominent, why don’t you send her there?”

“Ah… Qingsi, how…how could you… That is your sister…”

“Oh, are you reluctant to do so? In that case, we’ve nothing more to discuss.” She turned around to leave.

“Alright, alright. I promise you.” Yan Songnan agreed with his teeth gritted.

Yan Qingsi laughed coldly. Yan Songnan was that kind of person—as long as he was fine, he could sacrifice anything, even his own daughter.

Yan Qingsi put up her second finger. “I’ve also heard that Ye Lingzhi is about to be released on bail.”

“What do you want to do?”

Yan Qingsi said casually, “If the Industry and Commerce Bureau found out that you have taken one hundred million and is unable to return it, do you think you will spend about twenty years in prison for it? If you go into prison at this age, you probably come out in a pile of ash.”

“Just tell me what do you want…”

Yan Qingsi gave an evil grin. “An eye for an eye. If you want to live, then Ye Lingzhi will have to die.”


Mother Yue: Darling, do you need help? Shall I send my son to you?

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