Chapter 325: - I Want You Both to Kill Each Other

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Chapter 325: I Want You Both to Kill Each Other

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Yan Songnan went wide eye with fear. “You… you want me to kill Yan Lingzhi?”

Yan Qingsi smiled thinly, “I did not say it. That was what you said. Well, it’s totally up to you if you want to do it. I am not forcing you.”

Yan Songnan shook his head immediately, “No, no, I can’t kill…The Ye family. Have you got any idea how scary they are? I won’t be able to get out of their grip. Moreover, Ye Lingzhi is gonna be released on bail in the next two days. I won’t have a chance to do anything.”

With a wide grin, Yan Qingsi said, “Is that the first time you kill someone? What’s the difference between a prostitute that sells her body once and another prostitute that sells her body for the tenth time? A killer that kills one person is as bad as killing a hundred people.”

Upon hearing that, Yan Songnan’s face turned green. “You… you… you want Ye Lingzhi and I to go against each other, what evil intention…”

Yan Qingsi spread her hands wide, “You can decide not to do it. I am not forcing you, it’s totally your call.”

Yan Qingsi wanted to see Yan Songnan and Ye Lingzhi plotting against each other. Back then, they both teamed up to kill her mother. Now, she had the chance to see them killing each other. Why not grab the chance? What a waste if the opportunity slipped away.

Yan Songnan was struggling. To him, Yan Qingsi’s request was a mission impossible. However, if Yan Qingsi did not get Yue Tingfeng to lend him that one hundred million, his only fate was to go into prison.

Just like what Yan Qingsi said, him going in at that age, ought to come out in a pile of ashes.

Yan Qingsi commented lazily, “Whose life is more precious? Yours or Ye Lingzhi? You think over it yourself. I have no time to make a decision for you. Since you are unwilling to do it, then let’s call it off. Just take it as neither have I seen you tonight nor have I heard what you said.”

Watching Yan Qingsi stepped out of the gazebo, Yan Songnan cried out in despair.

Yan Songnan fluttered, “Hold on, I… I… I promise you, but you have to help me over this hurdle first. The Industry and Commerce Bureau is coming in three days’ time to audit the account. Before that, you will have to give me the money.”

“Are you giving me orders? On what ground are you doing so? Do you think I’m a naive three-year-old? I give you the money and you’ll deny it all. If I believe you again, then I’ve wasted my time living overseas for three years.”

“How would like to go about?”

Yan Qingsi replied plainly, “That depends on what you do in these three days. You have plenty of time. I will give you the money if I am satisfied. Otherwise, the deal is off.”

“No way. Three days is just too short of time.”

“That is all I have to say. It all depends on you if you want to do it.” Yan Qingsi prepared to walk away.

Yan Songnan clenched his teeth together in determination. “Alright. Three days it is. I can’t trust you just like that. Give me fifty million and I’ll do it.”

Yan Qingsi was scornful. “Tsk, the he*k…”

That was Yan Songnan. To him, nothing was more important than money. Ye Lingzhi was his wife for twenty over years and they had kids together, but he could kill her for the money.

“Then, I shall wait for fo your good news. Don’t let me down.”

Yan Qingsi turned around once again after moving two steps away. She was reminded of something. “Oh right. Yan Ruke, how could I forget my aunty? Don’t you need money? I have a fabulous plan for you to make money fast. You will get the money right after the audit of the Industry and Commerce Bureau.”

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