Chapter 326 - Bye, I Miss You Too

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Chapter 326: Bye, I Miss You Too

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“So, what’s the deal?” Yan Songnan asked frantically from the sheer mention of money.

Yan Qingsi proceeded to open her mouth and started explaining slowly.

After hearing what she had to say, Yan Songnan simply shook his head and said, “No, I can’t do this, it’s no secret that the man is known to be an absolute ruthless person.”

“So, you could abandon your wife and kids but care so much for your sister? Wow, you certainly are an excellent brother,” Yan Qingsi said in disgust and disappointment as she pressed her lips hard frowning.

“I’ve told you what the deal is, whether you choose to accept or reject the money is completely up to you. Tingfeng may have invested a hundred million in your company, but do not mistake that money for your personal use. If you’re thinking about that, then you are more naive than I could ever imagine. His investment could make him take over what little you have left. Your company, assets, will all be his to own if you’re not careful. You may have dodged a bullet but his saving grace could also be your downfall. Now that I have laid out the consequences of accepting his cash, it’s entirely your choice to either spend the remaining time of your sad life on the streets or comfortably living life is up to you,” Yan Qingsi said while shoving his hands away.

After stating her point, she turned and left.

Yan Songnan could only stand there alone—frozen and lost in his own thoughts.

He desperately needed money. The thought of being broke and forced to live on the streets like a homeless person scared him to the bone.

If his wife and kids were no longer important to him, then why even bother with his sister?

Xiao Xu came rushing into the elevator as Yan Qingsi had just entered before the doors could close. He was completely out of breath when he got in.

“Sis… I… I…” Xiao Xu nervously said while avoiding eye contact.

“Have you heard everything just now?”

“Hey, I’m not sure if this will help,” Xiao Xu said as he took out a voice recorder from his pocket. That was Yan Qingsi’s usual voice recorder from her bag. He recorded the entire conversation Yan Qingsi and Yan Songnan had earlier.

Yan Qingsi raised her eyebrows in surprise as she patted Xiao Xu and said, “Great work, amazing job boy. You’re getting smarter.”

Xiao Xu gulped nervously and said, “Don’t you worry sis, I heard nothing and I’ve seen nothing.”

“If there were a similar situation next time, it’s better for you to leave alright,” Yan Qingsi replied.

“Oh, okay…” Xiao Xu said.

“You’re on break tomorrow, hurry back home now alright,” Yan Qingsi added.

“Alright, sis. Thanks. I’ll be leaving then,” Xiao Xu replied.

After Xiao Xu had left, Yan Qingsi entered the house. Luxury would be an understatement to describe the place, the first thing she noticed was the sheep’s wool rug laid on the floor. Completely absorbing any sound she made while walking.

She kicked her shoes off, sat on the rug while leaning against the foot of the bed. She stared at the interesting painting on the wall.

Yan Qingsi thought to herself of the things she had to do to get her this far. She had broken the law, blurred the lines of her very own ethics and morals. She knew about the backlash that would eventually come her way but she did anything regardless of the severity it took. From anyone’s perspective, she would be the vilest and most evil person to have walked the surface of the Earth.

But if she had not done the things she did, they would have gotten away with every sin they had committed against her. She would not allow that to happen. They had absolutely zero rights to enjoy their normal life. She could not stand the very thought of their family getting away with absolutely zero consequences and live life as normal as they could be. Others could have forgotten about her mother’s death, but she would never, because how could she?

She knew exactly who Yan Songnan and the others were. They were all cold-hearted murderers. She could not live to see the light of day if she did nothing against these monsters. She would have been a disgrace to call herself her mother’s own daughter.

In this very cruel world, insanity was never dictated by birth, instead, it was forced by circumstances of society’s own darkness.

Yan Qingsi knew in her hellbent journey of vengeance would have dire consequences on her own morale. It would catch up to her sooner or later and she would cross that bridge when it comes to her. Her current state of mind and situation reminded her of a line she heard from a movie she had watched…’Forgiveness is up to the Lord to decide, my part is only to send them to their maker.’

Yan Qingsi took out her phone and made a phone call.

“I need everything you could pull from Yan Songnan, his bank records, everything about him, including accounts under his false I.D. I need to know where he keeps his blood money, I’m hoping to gain some leverage from him. Any hard evidence for his embezzlement would be amazing news to me. Thanks a lot,” Yan Qingsi said.

It was unclear as to what was replied by the person on the other end of the call but Yan Qingsi had a huge grin on her face and she simply said, “I’m doing very well, everything is going according to plan, bye… I miss you too.”


Rich Man Yan: Go ahead and get rid of me, I’ll show you that I’m not as useless as you think I am, mom.

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