Chapter 327 - Don’t Need To Hurry, Your Big Brother Will Take You Up

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Chapter 327: Don’t Need To Hurry, Your Big Brother Will Take You Up

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It was already dusk when Yan Qingsi hung up the call. She was exhausted and drained but she could not bring herself to fall asleep.

This room was all so foreign to her. It was no longer the tiny confined space she once had when she first returned to her country. She felt extremely out of place as this very room did not make her feel at home.

Her mind was completely occupied with her problems with Yan Songnan. She knew that this man was no fool. Even if he made his move on Ye Lingzhi, he would have contingencies on top of contingencies to ensure his survival.

On a much deeper scale, she knew exactly how complicated this whole situation would eventually turn out to be. In order to gain some sort of leverage against him, she would need to bait him with fifty million. However, in doing so, Yan Songnan would have the same leverage against her. This had turned out to be quite a handful for her.

Yan Qingsi closed her eyes…

Yan Songnan walked out of the Splendid Residences and arrived home. However, he never entered the house—only sat by the door for a night.

Yan Qingsi had made two offers and a suggestion to him. However, from the looks of it, one offer seemed to be more ruthless than another. He knew exactly just how cruel of a man he could be but his very own daughter just trailed him by a mile in heartless motives. He could not believe a sweet and kind person like Nie Qiuping could give birth to such evil.

Yan Songnan recounted on all three of his children. The only one that had inherited his cruelty and bore any sort of resemblance to his personality would be Yan Qingsi. She had zero humanity and her evil had no limits—a complete reflection of his own vile nature.

She sent Yan Mingzhu to a mental asylum. That very place would push any person to the brink of insanity. Not to mention, Yan Mingzhu herself was never stable mentally to begin with.

However, killing Ye Lingzhi would be difficult for him. It was not because of the emotional attachment he shared with her—no. It was because he feared the backlash it would bring him after her homicide.

He took a deep puff from his cigarette as he thought about Ruke. She was still his very own sister. The bottom line would be, he still had a slight sentimental attachment toward her compared to the rest of his family, so to speak.

He had apparently smoked up a storm as the first sign of daylight crept through the clouds. All that was left was a pile of cigarette buds underneath his feet.

He stood up, fished his keys out of his pocket and proceeded to open the door.

Yan Qingsi woke up to be greeted by daylight. She gently caressed both her numb legs as she had apparently fallen asleep without her realizing from thinking about all her problems last night. She had been sleeping on the floor in a sitting position the entire night.

It was already past nine in the morning when she woke up. Since she was on break, Yan Qingsi called Xiao Xu to inform him he would not need to show up this early.

After her quick shower and a change of clothes, she proceeded to leave.

She called a cab on her way out and said, “Take me to the Yue Family Organization”

The driver was stealthily glancing over at her, guessing if the passenger was the scandalous celebrity online.

As they had arrived, she casually walked through the main door into the office building only to be stopped at the reception desk, just like the last time she was here.

Ironically, it was also the same receptionist that had stopped her again. Yan Qingsi took her glasses off and gave her a smile. She said, “I’m here to see CEO Yue. I had not made any reservations.”

The receptionist was stunned by her presence. This lady was the same one that had allegedly slept with CEO Yue… This lady was also a celebrity though…

She blushingly snapped out of her own mind and simply said nervously, “It… It doesn’t seem appropriate. Let’s… Let’s just give him a call first alright.”

Before the phone call could be made, a surprising voice from the back broke their focus. “Yan Qingsi?”

Yan Qingsi turned around to see a tall, slender looking, well-groomed man that she had never met before. That man looked as if he had mixed blood from western countries. Yan Qingsi looked up in shock and said, “Do I know you?”

“Manager Qu… This lady is looking for CEO Yue… but she has not made any reservations…” said the receptionist.

“Are you going to sleep with our CEO again?” Qu Jing said while staring her body down, judging her completely.

Hearing his insulting remarks, Yan Qingsi stomped on his foot with full force as she turned away and walked toward the elevator.

Qu Jing cried out in pain and said snarkily, “Aren’t you a feisty one, don’t need to hurry, your big brother will take you up to him.”

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