Chapter 352 - I Never Hated You, I Just Didn't Want To Admit It

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Chapter 352: I Never Hated You, I Just Didn’t Want To Admit It

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Yue Tingfeng laughed at himself. “I wanted to look for you, wanted to bed you… I thought I was only interested in your body… On the other hand, your temper was an extra challenge.”

Yan Qingsi held onto the door, tightened her grip. The car’s soundproofing was excellent. She could not hear anything outside the car, only Yue Tingfeng’s voice could be heard.

His voice was melodious. It was even better when he spoke in a serious manner.

Yan Qingsi quietly listened to every word he said, as though she was charmed by his voice.

“After being involved in each other’s lives for such a long time, I found out that you hated me. I somehow wanted to get closer to you and I didn’t understand what was it that made you hate me when I was such an excellent candidate. Humans are really complicated animals don’t you think? The saying that ‘things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme’ is probably talking about this case of mine. However, I have never hated you in the beginning, I just wanted to deny that I am attracted to a woman like you.

“Yan Qingsi, I think I…”

Yan Qingsi quickly covered Yue Tingfeng’s mouth, stopping his speech, replied, “I roughly know what you want to say. Don’t say it now, don’t… Let me think through this for a few days, don’t come looking for me. My mind is a little muddled right now, sorry…”

Yan Qingsi was anxious, afraid, and felt insecure.

She knew what path she was taking and this path could only fit her alone. This path had no light, only sinful darkness. She was not afraid of sinning, nor cold but she did not dare to love anyone.

Yet she was afraid of comfort from others, at the same time trying to reach for that warmth.

Humans are like this—the more one walked in darkness, the more they yearned for light.

Even if you knew that the light was not yours, you would still yearn to see it.

Yue Tingfeng saw in Yan Qingsi’s weak, fragile eyes that she was at her limits. This was not a good time.

Yue Tingfeng sighed, held onto Yan Qingsi’s hands. “Alright, I won’t say it. You really… You… If you didn’t want me to say anything, you should have done it earlier—or you could use your mouth. Why did you have to let me say this much just to cut me off at the final bit? I had thought through the process and prepared myself for it. Now the script I spent so much effort preparing is forgotten, who knows when will I be able to remember it again.”

Yan Qingsi laughed. “Then just don’t say it at all. Those you said earlier, we’ll treat it as though you never said them.”

Yue Tingfeng immediately replied, “No way, definitely no. Your daddy here does not just stop midway.”

“But you… When you took on my family name Yan, did that count as stopping midway?”


Yan Qingsi caressed Yue Tingfeng’s chin. “I’ll leave now, it’s about to start. I haven’t finished memorizing my lines.”

Yue Tingfeng darkened his face, giving off the impression of ‘Go if you can, I’m not unlocking the doors.’

Yan Qingsi sighed. This guy started his tsundere mode again—coaxing needed.

With her arms hooked around Yue Tingfeng’s neck, she pressed herself onto him.

A few minutes later, Yan Qingsi let go of Yue Tingfeng and patted his face lightly. “Good boy, open the door please.”

Yue Tingfeng wiped his lips with a thumb. “Considering your sincerity, I’ll begrudgingly let you go.”

The doors opened and Yan Qingsi got out of the car.

“These few days…”

Yue Tingfeng gave a cold snort. “I know, let you calm down… but, should I also not look for you for matters regarding Yan Songnan?”

Yan Qingsi placed her hand on the door and bent over. “For this… You’re welcomed to get on my bed.”

Yue Tingfeng’s lips curled upward.

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