Chapter 353 - Goddess, Bring Me Along

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Chapter 353: Goddess, Bring Me Along

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Today’s filming was indoor setting, scenes on Leng Ran and the secondary male lead. Both of them were handsome guys. Even if their acting skills were not especially outstanding, it would not break the immersion, and it was pleasing to the eyes to watch them.

The film set was very quiet, the only sound that could be heard was them going through their lines.

Yan Qingsi approached the director’s side with very light steps.

Director Cai was focused on the camera’s screen. A few minutes later, the director shouted. “Get ready for the next scene!”

Director Cai saw Yan Qingsi, said: “Qingsi is here, you go memorize your lines and get dressed up. Your part is approximately one hour later.”

“Yes, thank you director!”

The director patted Qingsi’s shoulder: “Great job everybody. Just one more week of hard work and we will be wrapping up. Right, forgot to tell you congratulations.”

Yan Qingsi was stunned. Congratulations? What for?

All the other actors, actresses, and crew members also congratulated Yan Qingsi, adding to her confusion.

Leng Ran came down to say hi, “Miss, congratulations! You’re just too beautiful!”

“What? Why are all of you congratulating me?”

“You don’t know? The MV you filmed with Xue God went live today. It went viral on Weibo.”

Yan Qingsi was stunned. She quickly took out her phone, saw Jin Xuechu’s message, and two missed calls. All these happened in the afternoon when she was emotionally distraught, while her phone was not by her side.

Yan Qingsi went on Weibo, found out that she was once again the most searched by riding on Jin Xuechu’s fame.

Her Weibo was almost exploded. Perhaps in the past it was filled with criticism, but this time, the majority were calling her goddess, and some others are claiming that they finally understand when did Xue God and her developed their feelings in secret. It must have been during the filming of the MV.

Yan Qingsi was entertained by several comments.

#I was moved to tears by the beauty. I’m surprised to have become a fan of an actress whom I vowed to badmouth for life after watching a MV#

#Post above, you’re not alone, bring me along#

#Your look great, you’re right…goddess please receive my knee!#

The comment section was filled with all kinds of remarks. Yan Qingsi opened the MV, it was great. The shots after editing, looked as though they had magic added into it. The extended aerial shot in the opening, a scene with its natural sound without background music, looked as though it was a casual humming as the screen zoomed in slowly, without a tune, to the point of going slightly off tune.

This aerial shot was most likely taken after the original shooting. The screen continued zooming in, countless abandoned vehicles were stacked together, some of them were left there for god knows how long. As the dust on top of the cars were lifted by wind, the screen was filled with a bleak, desolate atmosphere. The same wind, at that same moment, also brought a red veil floating into the screen.

The camera screen then wobbled slightly as it panned slowly towards Yan Qingsi’s body. It was at this moment that the background music started playing. Jin Xuechu’s iconic voice, could move someone to tears with just the harmony.

Jin Xuechu was a real prodigy. Those amateurish shots, after editing, turned out to be such beautiful scenes, that any random screenshot could be made into a wallpaper. The key here was music. Music was the soul of the entire MV.

Yan Qingsi shared Jin Xuechu’s Weibo post. She filmed in this MV, she was obliged to share it out and advertise, as it will be boosting her recognition.

Lowering her phone, Yan Qingsi took up a script.

Xiao Xu came panting: “Miss, I’m late. I’ll start with your makeup now.”

Yan Qingsi pointed at the chair beside her: “It’s fine, take a short rest, no need to rush the makeup.”

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