Chapter 354 - That Vile Woman, Can You Trust Her Words?

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Chapter 354: That Vile Woman, Can You Trust Her Words?

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Xiao Xu shook his head: “I should still do it immediately. It’s almost your turn, better not delay.”

Xiao Xu’s makeup skills were getting more proficient, no longer the same as when he first met Yan Qingsi. Modern era makeup was much easier, added with Yan Qingsi’s face that served as a good base, the makeup process was exceptionally quick.

Xiao Xu, bronzer in hand while doing some touch-ups, asked: “Miss, Miss Mai said to find another female assistant, claiming that sometimes it may be too much work for me to follow you around. Additionally, there are times where it’s not as convenient for me, a man, to do certain things.”

“Sure thing. If we get you a female assistant, you’ll be able to relax a little more.”

Xiao Xu replied joyfully: “Thank you Miss Qingsi. Oh right, Miss, if I have a suitable candidate, can I introduce her to you?”

“Of course, but, you know the conditions.”

“No worries Miss Qingsi, if they are bad, I will bring them all here for you guys to have a look. Thank you Miss.”

After getting ready with her makeup, Yan Qingsi shut her eyes and mentally dictated her lines.

Until the director shouted: “Qingsi prepare…”

Yan Qingsi opened her eyes, stood up.

Rushing through the filming process, it went all the way to midnight. Yan Qingsi went back to the film crew’s hotel, quickly washed up and crashed in bed.

She originally planned to fall asleep just like that, but got back up, took out the facial masks that Mrs. Yue gave her, took one out, haphazardly torn it open, slapped it on without even aligning the openings, and crashed back into bed.

Just before she fell asleep, Yan Qingsi thought applying a facial mask everyday could be quite a chore!

Yan Songnan waited for an entire night at the gate of Splendid Residences, puffed an entire night of cigarettes, with the butts littered all around him.

He suffered through the night, with bloodshot eyes. When he looked at others, that sinister glare emanated fear.

Up until that moment, Yan Qingsi still did not transfer the money to him. He had reasons to believe that she was only toying with him.

Yan Songnan, after staying up for the entire night, felt a severe headache at that moment.

The security guards were puzzled. If this person was really Miss Yan’s father, why would he not even have his daughter’s phone number?

Yan Songnan finished up the last cigarette in his box, got up, glared at the residential area, turned around and left.

When Yan Songnan got home, Yan Ruke barely got up.

Yan Ruke, with one look at the state he was in, knew what happened.

“Brother, you just spent a night at Yan Qingsi’s residential area gate without meeting her right?”

Yan Songnan did not answer, steeled his face and tried to head upstairs.

“The money she promised you, she did not deliver to you did she?”

“That vile woman, do you think her words can be trusted? It’s impossible to have her help you, our family, or any single person, unless, you got a hold of some serious dirt on her.”

Yan Songnan halted, “Ruke, I know you have been investigating her recently. Did you find any dirt on her?”

Yan Songnan was up all night and went through an entire cigarette box, his throat, as though a broken gong, produced a horrible and disgusting sound.

Yan Ruke laughed: “Not yet, but I believe, soon…”

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Both of them looked at each other, wondering. Who would visit them this early in the morning?

Yan Ruke opened the door, only to see several men in police uniform, all of them with a stern look, giving off an intimidating aura.

Yan Ruke felt that something was wrong: “Mind if I ask, who are you looking for?”

“We are looking for a Mr. Yan Songnan.”

Yan Ruke hesitated, then let them in.

The police officers came in and asked: “You are Yan Songnan right?”

Yan Songnan’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the police officers, could not help but started sweating in his palms: “Yes I am. Dear officers, how can I help you?”

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