Chapter 355 - Dear, Behave Yourself

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Chapter 355: Dear, Behave Yourself

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Police officer: “We are from the Public Security Bureau. We have an employee from your company reporting openly about you for tax evasion, misappropriation of company funds, and bribery. Please follow us back to the station for further investigation.”

Yan Songnan was devastated.

It was 9am, Yan Qingsi woke up, looked at her phone that was under her pillow to check the time. She replied the message from Jin Xuechu, then planned to stretch a bit. It was then, she realized, f*ck…why was she naked?

Turning her head, she found a man lying beside her, not knowing when did he even get there.

That man was staring at her with a devious look on his face, looking like a cuckolded Old Wang next door.

“You gave me a shock of my life! When did you come in? Look at you now, someone’s getting better at sneaking into my bed. So quiet and undetectable.”

Yue Tingfeng replied coldly: “Yeah, undetectable or not I can’t tell, but when you get up, the first thing you did was texting some other man.”

Yue Tingfeng arrived an hour ago. It was no problem for him to acquire the keycard to Yan Qingsi’s room., especially when he was rich and handsome.

Yan Qingsi replied in resignation: “I…saw the message, and gave it a simple reply.”

She frowned, was she trying to explain herself?

In the past, she would have just ignored him.

“When did you arrive?”

Yue Tingfeng grabbed her around the waist, pulling her close: “Just as you were calling out my name in your dreams, I came in.”

Yan Qingsi glared at him: “Bullsh*t, why would I be sleep-talking?”

“You were. The way you mentioned my name was so nice. You can say it again, then you’ll know!”

Yue Tingfeng was very serious, as though it really happened. If not for Yan Qingsi knowing that she never sleep-talked, she might have fallen for it. Yan Qingsi lightly pinched Yue Tingfeng’s cheeks: “Dear, behave yourself.”

“You see, how melodious. Come, say it again.”

Yan Qingsi…was speechless. The last time she called him ‘dear’, he would at least blush. Now, it had already evolved to such an extent, it seemed that his shamelessness had risen to greater heights.

Yan Qingsi pinched Yue Tingfeng’s chin, “Behave yourself, I’ll play with you in a bit.”

Yue Tingfeng held onto her slender waist, unwilling to let go: “It’s still early, we can go for some morning exercise.”

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes: “Sure, if you can finish it before Xiao Xu knocks on the door, feel free to try.”

Yue Tingfeng’s eyes flashed with excitement: “Really? Is this for real?”

Yan Qingsi looked at him, her eyes as though trying to convey a deeper meaning: “I think…for you, it may be just enough time.”

Yue Tingfeng’s face darkened, flipped over, pushing Yan Qingsi beneath him, planned to use physical actions to show her just how long-lasting and full of stamina he was..


Knock knock knock, quick successive knocks came from the door.

“Miss Qingsi, time to get up, we have to work at 10am!”

Yue Tingfeng’s face filled with disappointment. Yan Qingsi, smiling gleefully, pinched his chin, saying: “Come on, let go, I need to wash up.”

“Tsk, that kid, this is not the first time he ruined my plans.”

Yue Tingfeng’s face was dark as ink. No wonder Yan Qingsi was in such a good mood, saying that he could have his way if he could finish before Xiao Xu arrived.

You came so early, you daddy here haven’t even got time to take off my pants!

Yan Qingsi finished washing up, smelling an alluring savory aroma. She sniffed around hungrily and asked: “What’s that smell?”

Yue Tingfeng leaned on the bedside, replied: “Your Mrs. Yue got up early in the morning and made you some roasted pork ribs, forced me to bring them over for you. I really don’t know if I’m her son.”

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