Chapter 356 - I Won’t Let You Bear Them Alone

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Chapter 356: I Won’t Let You Bear Them Alone

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yue Tingfeng was inundated by the aroma of pork ribs as he went downstairs in the morning. At that time he was still wondering, why did his mother cooked ribs so early in the morning, yet would not let him have any of it during breakfast. After breakfast, she passed him a box packed with ribs to him without even asking if he was heading to the film set, only three words – deliver to her!

To be cared for by someone, Yan Qingsi felt a long-forgotten feeling of happiness. The skincare products she used earlier was gifted to her by Mrs. Yue, even the rice was from Mrs. Yue, yet they were unrelated. Yan Qingsi smiled, opened the box of ribs, saw that there was a thermos bucket filled with plain steamed buns and some plain porridge.

Yan Qingsi asked Yue Tingfeng: “You’ve eaten?”

Yue Tingfeng pouted: “Even if I haven’t eaten, I don’t dare eat it. My mom warned me not to steal your food…”

Yan Qingsi laughed out loud: “Of course you can’t steal mine.”

The way Yan Qingsi eats always gave off a feeling that she was enjoying it, just looking at her will rouse his appetite. In truth, the way she eats was incomparable to those young ladies from rich families, not as elegant as them, but to Yue Tingfeng, the way she eats was attractive.

In a flash, Yan Qingsi finished off the two steamed buns, chewed off one-third of the ribs, and decimated the plain porridge.

She stood up and massaged her tummy comfortably. It felt good with a full stomach. Yan Qingsi carefully placed a lid over the remaining ribs.

Yan Qingsi took out two plies of tissue and cleaned the corner of her mouth: “I’m out of time, need to head to work now. You should head to work too.”

Yue Tingfeng replied coldly: “I realized that you are the type of person that doesn’t pay their bill after eating.”

These words were addressing two different issues. Yan Qingsi was stuck for a moment, recalled that he had always mentioned how he was sleeping with her for free.

The corner of her lips curled: “The reason is, I cannot afford it!”

Yue Tingfeng understood what she meant by that, sighed deeply in his heart. She was still afraid to open up her heart. In truth, her life was a lot more bitter than others, yet she had to act as though she was stronger than anyone.

Yue Tingfeng said: “Yan Songnan was arrested by the police, about an hour ago!”

Police 1Yan Qingsi: “Arrested, was it… because… of you?”

Yue Tingfeng spread his arms: “I can’t control the police, it’s just…his company’s finance manager reported him openly. He was reported for tax evasion, misappropriation of company funds, and…bribery!”

The edge of Yan Qingsi’s lips curled upwards, giving off a bewitching smile: “He brought that upon himself.”

“I believe, for the vile person that he is, will not let it go at that. To escape custody, he will definitely lash out. He hates you quite a bit, might even think that you are the one behind his arrest. With that, he might give statements that bring you harm, for example…of how you told him to murder Ye Lingzhi.”

Yan Qingsi frowned and thought for a moment: “I think, I have to go meet someone.”

Yue Tingfeng replied: “I’ll accompany you.”

“I can…”

Yue Tingfeng shushed Yan Qingsi with a finger oh her lips, not letting her speak, he said: “Don’t you refuse. Even if you do, it’s useless, I will not let you go alone. From now on, these matters, I won’t let you bear them alone.”

Yan Qingsi’s hands shook, she muttered: “But you don’t have to…”

“Obliged or not, is not for you to worry about. That is my business, you have no say. Focus on your movie, don’t flirt around with other guys, or I will get angry. Don’t even think about using this movie as an excuse to…with some other guys.”

Yan Qingsi slapped his hands off, “I haven’t even settled the matter with you for ordering people to change my intimate scenes in the script.”


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