Chapter 357 - Oblivious Even After Being Taken Advantage Of

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Chapter 357: Oblivious Even After Being Taken Advantage Of

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Yue Tingfeng cleared his throat. “I… I’m doing this for your own good, to prevent you being oblivious even after being taken advantage of. Your daddy here is very busy every day, yet I still make time to deliver food to you, you should be content…”

Yue Tingfeng was worried that Yan Qingsi will come after him, grabbed his jacket. “I still have a bunch of people waiting for me in the company, I’ll stop lecturing you today. Tonight… I’ll be back.”

Yan Qingsi rolled her eyes. Just as Yue Tingfeng opened the door, meeting Miss Mai who was just about to raise her hand and knocked on the door.

Miss Mai was shocked. “Yue… CEO…”

Yue Tingfeng raised his chin. “Cough…I’m here to extend my regards to my employee.”

Miss Mai looked at Yue Tingfeng leaving in shock. After he had gone quite some distance, her round body looked as if it rolled into the room.

“Qingsi, boss said he was here to send his regards to an employee?”

Yan Qingsi nodded her head. “Yeah, to send warmth, sending his regards to the employee.”

“What sort of warmth?”

“Delivering breakfast.”

Miss Mai saw half a container of ribs on the table, stretched out her hands to reach it, just to have Yan Qingsi snatched it away quickly.

Yue Tingfeng 1 said, “We’re both employees, this treatment… it’s so unfair, you should at least let me taste one bite.”

Yan Qingsi took out a few coins and passed them to Miss Mai, “The weather is hot, go get yourself a popsicle. You’re already this fat, skip the meat.”

Miss Mai gripped the coins tightly, raising her voice, “You’re an actress, how could you eat meat without a care.”

“Yesterday someone told me, girls should not think that slim equals beauty, a healthy body is more important.”

Yan Qingsi lifted her bag, dragged Miss Mai away.

“Who told you those words?”

“Why should I tell you?”

“I’m your manager.”

Yan Qingsi was filming in all earnest at the set for the entire day. During the afternoon break, Xiao Xu rushed in to have her watch a video. It was from this morning, an interview when Jin Xuechu attended an event.

There were reporters asking about the heated rumors about him and Yan Qingsi, if they were real?

He smiled and answered. “We are now very good friends.”

“But, Yan Qingsi is my ideal woman.”

A single statement, in an instant raised Yan Qingsi onto the ‘most searched’ list again, and Beauty’s Rival in Palace’s official Weibo account, took advantage of this hype, posted a few photoshoot pictures of the main cast, tagging along, ended up to the top ten topic list.

Yan Qingsi’s photoshoot picture was beautiful, standing high on the stone steps, back facing the majestic imperial palace, dark color tones, yet that flame-like traditional Chinese consort dress

Looked as though it was on fire, giving off a strong aura. With that, Yan Qingsi gained yet another batch of fans!

Director Cai saw the popularity, said enviously, “We can’t just sit here, let’s go leech some popularity. This is a good chance.”

Requiem’s official Weibo account did not want to lose out, posted a few behind-the-scenes and on-set pictures too.

Yan Qingsi’s Weibo fan base was then over two million. Miss Mai said that this was a good trend, when both the TV series take turns going live, her popularity will only continue to rise.

Yan Qingsi told Miss Mai, “Tomorrow morning I’m taking leave, going out for a trip.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I can’t tell you.”

Miss Mai thought about it, nodded her head. “Sure, I won’t ask. The set is running on a tight schedule, you can only take half day leave, you must be back by afternoon.”


The next day, Yan Qingsi saw Yue Tingfeng lying next to her again the moment she woke up. She already got used to it. He would always appear like this out of nowhere. She scoffed at Yue Tingfeng, “Your bed climbing skills are really improving a lot!”


Ch 357 Footnote 1

Speculated to be Miss Mai instead of Yue Tingfeng as he just left the room and this conversation was clearly between Miss Mai and Yan Qingsi as co-workers.

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